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The functional anatomy of inspection time: a pilot fMRI study
von Deary, I J; Simonotto, E; Marshall, A; Marshall, I; Goddard, N; Wardlaw, J M
In: Intelligence, 29 (2001), 6, p. 497-510

...Contribution to a special issue on the topic of inspection time. Seven healthy subjects underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain while performing an inspection time task. Em...

fMRI changes over time and reproducibility in unmedicated subjects at high genetic risk of schizophrenia
von Whalley, H. C.; Gountouna, V.-E.; Hall, J.; McIntosh, A. M.; Simonotto, E.; Job, D. E.; Owens, D. G. C.; Johnstone, E. C.; Lawrie, S. M.
In: Psychological Medicine, 39 (2009), 7, p. 1189-1199

...Functional brain abnormalities have been repeatedly demonstrated in schizophrenia but there is little data concerning their progression. For such studies to have credibility it is first important to e...

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