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The high prevalence of depression and dementia in elder abuse or neglect
von Dyer, C B; Pavlik, V N; Murphy, K P; Hyman, D J
In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 48 (2000), 2, p. 205-8
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...Describes the characteristics of abused or neglected patients and compares the prevalence of depression and dementia in neglected patients with that of patients referred for other reasons. Highlights ...

Boxing Blind: Unplanned Processes in the Development of Modern Boxing
von Murphy, P; Sheard, K
In: Sport in Society, 9 (2006), 4, p. 542-558
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...This essay traces the development of boxing from its prizefighting days to its status as a modern sport The essay is written using a figurational perspective. The broader aim underlying this analysis ...

Relapse prevention group-work: a clinical evaluation
von Bliss, P; Murphy, K; Ricketts, T
In: Journal of Substance Use, 7 (2002), 2, p. 78-84

...Considers lessons learned by clinicians evaluating a small-scale service development in a substance misuse team. The aim was to examine the feasibility of undertaking a relapse prevention treatment pr...

Criteria for enrolling dementia patients in hospice
von Luchins, D J; Hanrahan, P; Murphy, K
In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 45 (1997), 9, p. 1054-9 : table refs
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...Develops criteria for the Medicare hospice benefit that include the characteristics of advanced dementia and related complications. Seeks to determine survival time among dementia patients who meet th...

A survey of grief and bereavement in nursing homes: the importance of hospice grief and bereavement for the end-stage Alzheimer's disease patient and family
von Murphy, K; Hanrahan, P; Luchins, D
In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 45 (1997), 9, p. 1104-7s
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...Seeks to determine the prevalence of grief and bereavement services in nursing homes. Highlights the importance of grief and bereavement as provided in the Medicare hospice benefit for the end-stage A...

On the relation of dieting and bingeing in Bulimia nervosa
von Lowe, M R; Gleaves, D H; Murphy-Eberenz, K P
In: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 107 (1998), 2, p. 263-71

...Three samples of individuals diagnosed with bulimia were classified as frequent or infrequent weight-loss dieters. In 2 of the 3 samples finds that frequent dieters binged less than infrequent dieters...

Ectopic pregnancy loss during fertility management
von Schaper, A M; Hellwig, M S; Murphy, P; Gensch, B K
In: Western Journal of Nursing Research, 18 (1996), 5, p. 503-17 : table refs

...Using qualitative techniques, data were obtained from 7 women. Ectopic pregnancy is a risk factor associated with fertility management, and includes risk for severe haemorrhage and death and threat to...

Coordinated community intervention for domestic abusers: intervention system involvement and criminal recidivism
von Murphy, C M; Musser, P H; Maton, K I
In: Journal of Family Violence, 13 (1998), 3, p. 263-84
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...In a sample of 235 cases, recidivism was assessed from official criminal justice data during a 12- to 18-month period after cases were initially handled by the Baltimore, Maryland State's Attorney's D...

Randomised controlled trial of general practitioner versus usual medical care in an urban accident and emergency department: process, outcome and comparative cost
von Murphy, A W; Bury, G; Plunkett, P K; Gibney, D
In: British Medical Journal, 312 (1996), 7039, p. 1135-42 : table refs

...Assesses the impact of sessional general practitioners on the process of care in the accident and emergency department, and reviews the effect of such a service on patient outcome and satisfaction. Fi...

The perception of spatial relations in a patient with visual form agnosia
von Murphy, K J; Carey, D P; Goodale, M A
In: Cognitive Neuropsychology, 15 (1998), 6/7/8, p. 705-22

...Presents data on spatial perception in a patient DF, who has a profound visual form agnosia. DF and 2 control subjects were required to make a copy of the spatial arrangement of a target display of 5 ...

Social work assessment at end of life: practice guidelines for suicide and the terminally ill
von Miller, P J; Hedlund, S C; Murphy, K A
In: Social Work in Health Care, 26 (1998), 4, p. 23-36
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...In 1993, the National Association of Social Workers adopted a policy which addressed this end of life option. Oregon passed Ballot Measure 16 in November 1994; this allows for a terminally ill person ...

A regional analysis of flows into and out of the UK National Minimum Wage
von Jones, M. K.; Jones, R. J.; Latreille, P. L.; Murphy, P. D.; Sloane, P. J.
In: Applied Economics, Vol. 45, No. 21 (2013), p. 3074-3087

..."This article utilizes the panel element of the UK Labour Force Survey (LFS) to identify for individual regions total inflows and outflows and hazards for those individuals paid at or below the Nation...

End-of-Life Care in End-State Renal Disease: Renal and Palliative Care
von Murtagh, F. E. M.; Murphy, D.; Shepherd, K. A.; Donohoe, P.; Edmonds, P. M.
In: British Journal of Nursing, 15 (2006), 1, p. 8-11

...The numbers of patients with end-stage renal disease are growing, with a disproportionate increase among those who are elderly, dependent & with multiple co-morbidities. More of these patients are cho...

Thoughts, Attitudes, and Feelings of HIV-Positive MSM Associated With High Transmission-Risk Sex
von Skinta, Matthew D.; Murphy, Jessie L.; Paul, Jay P.; Schwarcz, Sandra K.; Dilley, James W.
In: Health Education & Behavior, 39 (2012), 3, p. 315-323

...This study presents survey data collected from a sample of HIV-positive men (N = 182) who had high transmission-risk sex, defined as unprotected anal intercourse with a man whose HIV-status was negati...

Changes in protective behavioral strategies and alcohol use among college students
von Martens, Matthew P.; Martin, Jessica L.; Littlefield, Andrew K.; Murphy, James G.; Cimini, M. Dolores
In: Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 118 (2011), 2-3, p. 504-507

...Background: Protective behavioral strategies (PBS) are specific cognitive-behavioral strategies designed to reduce alcohol consumption and resulting negative consequences. A host of studies have exami...

Continuity and discontinuity models of bulimia nervosa: a taxometric investigation
von Gleaves, D H; Lowe, M R; Snow, A C; Green, B A; Murphy-Eberenz, K P
In: Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 109 (2000), 1, p. 56-68
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...Most psychological models of bulimia nervosa assume that the disorder differs in degree, rather than in kind, from less forms of eating disorder (continuity models). Discontinuity models suggest that ...

Evaluation of real-time flash flood forecasts for Haiti during the passage of Hurricane Tomas, November 4-6, 2010
von Shamir, E.; Georgakakos, K. P.; Spencer, C.; Modrick, T. M.; Murphy, M. J.; Jubach, R.
In: Natural Hazards, 67 (2013), 2

...The January 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti left its population ever more vulnerable to rainfall-induced flash floods. A flash flood guidance system has been implemented to provide real-time inf...

HIV-related traumatic stress symptoms in AIDS caregiving family dyads
von Wight, R. G.; Beals, K. P.; Miller-Martinez, D.; Murphy, D. A.; Aneshensel, C. S.
In: AIDS Care, 19 (2007), 7, p. 901-909

...This study assesses HIV-related traumatic stress symptoms in 135 AIDS caregiving family dyads in which the caregiver is a midlife or older mother or wife, and the care-recipient is her HIV-infected ad...

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