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For a working-class culture in Canada
von McKay, Colin
St. John's, NF: Canadian Committee on Labour History, 1996. LII, 615 p.

ePedagogy in online learning
von McKay, Elspeth (Hrsg.)
Hershey, Pa.: Information Science Reference, 2013. p. xxiii, 275 : Literaturangaben 243-266

..."This book provides approaches on adopting interactive web tools that promote effective human-computer interaction in educational practices"--Provided by publisher....

Evaluating impact
von McKay, Veronica (Hrsg.); u.a. (Hrsg.)
London: Dep. for Internat. Development, 1999. IV, 250 p. : Illustrationen

Sociolinguistics and language education
von Hornberger, Nancy H. (Hrsg.); McKay, Sandra (Hrsg.)
Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2010. XX, 571 p. : Illustrationen; Literaturangaben

Making the Texas constitution of 1876
von McKay, S S
Univ. of Pa. 1924. bibl

...Distribution limited. Thesis (Ph. D.)Univ. of Pa....

Texas and the Fair deal, 1945-1952
von McKay, S S
Naylor Company 1954. bibl, tables

...Background, issues, personalities and events in the political developments and the various campaigns during the period....

Maternal health care at a Japanese American relocation camp, 1942-1945: a historical study
von McKay, S
In: Birth: Issues in Perinatal Care, 24 (1997), 3, p. 188-93

...Over this time, about 120,000 ethnic Japanese were confined in 10 relocation camps in the US. Explored women's lives and experiences with pregnancy, childbirth and child care. 20 women aged 18-31 yrs ...

Social work in Canada's north: survival and development issues affecting aboriginal and industry-based communities
von McKay, S
In: International Social Work, 30 (1987), Jul 87, p. 259-78

...Canada's native peoples were quickly outnumbered by the colonists. This factor has heavily influenced present day economic, political and social relationships between natives and nonnatives. This, and...

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