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Online education using learning objects
von McGreal, Rory (Hrsg.)
London: RoutledgeFalmer, 2004. XXV, 361 p. : Literaturangaben; Illustrationen; grafische Darstellungen

Alaska equal protection: constitutional law or common law?
von McGreal, Paul E
In: Alaska Law Review, 15 (1998), 2, p. 209-280

...Compares equal protection analysis of the US Supreme Court, a means-end inquiry designed to test the government's asserted purpose in enacting the law, with that of the Alaska Supreme Court, which giv...

Tax-based mechanisms in urban regeneration: Dublin and Chicago models
von McGreal, Stanley; and others
In: Urban Studies, 39 (2002), 10, p. 1819-1831 : bibl(s)
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...Examines urban policy and tax instruments, focusing on urban development and city planning, macro-economic factors, and the property market; based on two case studies: Dublin, Ireland (Great Britain p...

Corporate Compliance Survey
von McGreal, Paul E
In: The Business Lawyer, 69 (2013), 1

...This is the ninth survey from the Corporate Compliance Committee. This survey summarizes significant legal developments from the last year regarding corporate compliance and ethics programs, which con...

Smoking and the pregnant woman
von McGreal, I E
In: Midwives, 108 (1995), 1290, p. 218-21

...Sets out to discuss whether there are weaknesses in the methods used to give advice to the pregnant woman and questions whether the timing of this advice is given at too late a stage. Examines whether...

The face of death among the debris
von McGreal, C
In: Independent (1989), 23 Sep 89, 31 : il.

...Thousands of street children are the link between bisexual men and their wives in Mexico. Reports that HIV infection is growing fastest among married women who stay faithful. (Abstract amended)...

Community and inter-agency structures in the regeneration of inner-city Belfast
von Berry, J; McGreal, S
In: Town Planning Review, 66 (1995), 2, p. 129-42 : il. map refs
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...The city's unique problems are not readily responsive to market led perspectives. Addresses the criticism that regeneration has been city centre orientated and notes that policy has increasingly addre...

Local housing markets, structure and buyer behaviour: the East Belfast case
von Adair, A S; McGreal, W S
In: Scandinavian Housing and Planning Research, 11 (1994), 1, p. 27-38 il : 38 il. ref table

...Discusses characteristics of local housing markets with specific emphasis on determining a sound operational basis for the definition of submarkets. Analyses the eastern sector of Belfast to show the ...

The Spatial Dynamic of Retail Planning and Retail Investment: Evidence from Australian Cities
von McGreal, Stanley; Kupke, Valerie
In: Urban Policy and Research, 32 (2014), 3

...The last two decades have experienced important and far-reaching changes to the retail landscape. In Australia, retail planning and management policies have sought to attract key players to particular...

The effect of shared ownership on the private housing market in Northern Ireland
von Adair, A; McGreal, S; McKay, S
In: Housing Review, 39 (1990), May/Jun 90, p. 62-3

...A dominant factor promoting Northern Ireland's much higher rate of new build than in Britain has been shared ownership. Looks at findings of a behavioural survey of purchasers, noting socioeconomic ch...

Fiscal policy, taxation incentives and inner-city housing development. [policy review]
von Adair, A; Berry, J; McGreal, S
In: Housing Studies, 10 (1995), 1, p. 105-15

...Considers the risk and uncertainty attached to inner-city environments and analyses the use of taxation incentives as a policy instrument in generating demand-led residential development. In Dublin ta...

Northern Ireland--the anomalous region?
von Adair, A; McGreal, S; McKay, S
In: Housing Review, 37 (1988), Sep-Oct 88, p. 162-3

...Unlike other regions of the UK, Northern Ireland is not experiencing a house price boom. In certain market sectors property values are falling. (Abstract amended)...

Regeneration processes in Northern Ireland: the public sector and partnership structures
von Adair, A; Berry, J; McGreal, S
In: European Planning Studies, 4 (1996), 5, p. 527-43s

...The dominance of central government in the planning and development process is highlighted together with recent policy initiatives that place increasing emphasis upon partnerships as a delivery mechan...

An evaluative model for city competitiveness: Application to UK cities
von Singhal, Shaleen; McGreal, Stanley; Berry, Jim
In: Land Use Policy, 30 (2013), 1

...Progressive cities have competitive advantages in capturing opportunities for development and attracting leading edge business. Regeneration and business strategies are amongst the tools that cities m...

Regional Spatial Policy for Economic Growth: Lessons from the Deployment of Collaborative Planning in Northern Ireland
von Blair, Neale; Berry, James; McGreal, Stanley
In: Urban Studies, 44 (2007), 3, p. 439-455
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...Regional spatial planning in Northern Ireland is directly linked to the transition from conflict to peace, as identified in the Belfast Agreement of 1998. Political consensus, a rare commodity, was se...

Government intervention and impact on the housing market in greater Dublin
von Berry, J; McGreal, S; Stevenson, S; Young, J
In: Housing Studies, 16 (2001), 6, p. 755-69
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...Examines the conflicting outcomes of government intervention in the housing market with reference to taxation instruments. Discusses the use of fiscal policy as a demand-side measure within the Irish ...

The Planning System in Northern Ireland Post-Devolution
von Berry, Jim; Brown, Louise; McGreal, Stanley
In: European Planning Studies, 9 (2001), 6, p. 781-791

...Devolution within the UK has produced new systems of governance within Scotland & Wales & restored to Northern Ireland local accountability following three decades of direct administration. The paper ...

Fiscal Policy, Taxation Incentives and Inner-City Housing Development
von Adair, Alastair; Berry, James; McGreal, Stanley
In: Housing Studies, 10 (1995), 1, p. 105-115

...Considers the risk & uncertainty attached to inner-city environments & analyzes the use of taxation incentives as a policy instrument in generating demand-led residential development in such localitie...

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