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A Reconsideration of the Concept "Sex-Role Identification" in Adolescent and Family Research
von McDonald, Gerald W.
In: Adolescence, 13 (1978), 50, p. 215-220

...In research of adolescents' personality development in the family, a concept that has been overused & abused has been sex-role identification. Thought to be a key to explaining cognitive & behavioral ...

Parental Identification by the Adolescent: A Social Power Approach
von McDonald, Gerald W.
In: Journal of Marriage and the Family, 39 (1977), 4, p. 705-719
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...A social power theory of parental identification is presented which argues that the more parental power each parent is perceived to have, the higher the degree of adolescent identification with that p...

Family Power: Reflection and Direction
von McDonald, Gerald W.
In: Pacific Sociological Review, 20 (1977), 4, p. 607-621

...The Western culture family is evolving from a basically patriarchal authority to a more democratic unit where all members have some input. Understanding the dynamics of family members' input, authorit...

Family Policy Research and Family Impact Analysis: Implications for Public Policy
von McDonald, Gerald W.

...Demonstrated is the need for, & the utility of, the developing area of family policy research in formulating, implementing, & assessing public policy in the US. A typology of family policy research is...

Family Well-Being and Quality of Life: Humanistic Concerns of the Family Impact Analyst
von McDonald, Gerald W.

...The basic tenets of humanistic sociology are explored to investigate their utility for the developing area of applied family sociology termed "family impact analysis." From humanistic literature it is...

Parental Power Perceptions in the Family: The Influence of Adolescent Characteristics
von McDonald, Gerald W.
In: Youth and Society, 14 (1982), 1, p. 3-31

...A number of adolescent characteristics are examined to determine their impact on adolescent perceptions of the parental power structure in the family. The variables include adolescents' sex, grade, re...

Family Power: The Assessment of a Decade of Theory and Research, 1970-1979
von McDonald, Gerald W.
In: Journal of Marriage and the Family, 42 (1980), 4, p. 841-854
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...A 1980 update of theory & research generated in the broad area labeled "family power." The current status of the field in the areas of conceptualization, methodology, theory, & substantive research fi...

Structural Exchange and Marital Interaction
von McDonald, Gerald W.
In: Journal of Marriage and the Family, 43 (1981), 4, p. 825-839
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...The potential contributions of social exchange theory in investigations of stable marital interaction patterns are explored. Social exchange has been most effectively utilized in the marriage & family...

Determinants of Adolescent Perceptions of Maternal and Paternal Power in the Family
von McDonald, Gerald W.
In: Journal of Marriage and the Family, 41 (1979), 4, p. 757-770

...A social power framework is utilized to locate variables that influence adolescent perceptions of power in the parental unit. The variables are categorized as parental resources, family resources, fam...

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