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Social marketing for the environment: using information campaigns to promote environmental awareness and behavior change
von Maibach, E
In: Health Promotion International, 8 (1993), 3, p. 209-24
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...The social marketing approach applies generic marketing and marketing research strategies to the promotion of social programs or products. Diverse literatures have been synthesized to develop a set of...

The Influence of the Media Environment on Physical Activity: Looking for the Big Picture
von Maibach, E
In: American Journal of Health Promotion, 21 (2007), 4, Suppl., p. 353-362

...Concern about the obesity epidemic in America--and in many other nations--has galvanized health professionals, advocacy organizations, public policy makers, and ordinary citizens to demand action. Kno...

Self-efficacy in health promotion research and practice: conceptualization and measurement
von Maibach, E; Murphy, D A
In: Health Education Research, 10 (1995), 1, p. 37-50 : table refs
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...A conceptual analysis is provided to identify the consequences of self-efficacy and differentiate it from related constructs, and an operational analysis is presented to identify the relevant aspects ...

Relative risk in the news media: a quantification of misrepresentation
von Frost, K; Frank, E; Maibach, E
In: American Journal of Public Health, 87 (1997), 5, p. 842-5
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...The proportion of mortality-related copy in samples of national print media was compared with the proportion of actual deaths attributable to the leading causes of mortality over a 1-year period. For ...

The content of African American mothers' discussions with their adolescents about sex
von DiIorio, C; Hockenberry-Eaton, M; Maibach, E; Rivero, T
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 2 (1996), 4, p. 365-82s
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...Using a focus group approach, sought to explore the role of African American mothers in the education of their adolescents about sexuality including the provision of factual information and transmissi...

Competencies for the health communication specialist of the Twentyfirst century
von Maibach, E; Parrott, R L; Long, D M; Salmon, C T
In: American Behavioral Scientist, 38 (1994), 2, p. 351-60

...Reports the results of an expert working group convened to define competencies required to function effectively as a health communication specialist. A pedagogical framework emerged, in which types of...

Translating health psychology into effective health communication: the American Healthstyles Audience Segmentation Project
von Maibach, E W; Maxfield, A; Ladin, K; Slater, M
In: Journal of Health Psychology, 1 (1996), 3, p. 261-77

...Presents a health lifestyle audience segmentation analysis based primarily on social cognitive theory. Gathers data on five health behaviours, internal personal and social/environmental variables asso...

A cluster analysis of alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors in the general population
von Slater, M D; Basil, M D; Maibach, E W
In: Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 60 (1999), 5, p. 667-74
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...Alcohol use typologies have previously focused on chronic alcohol abusers and alcohol-dependent populations. This empirical typology was created to profile lifestyle patterns associated with non-clini...

Negative and positive television messages
von Reeves, B R; Basil, M; Maibach, E; Newhagen, J; Kurz, K
In: American Behavioral Scientist, 34 (1991), Jul-Aug 91, p. 679-94

...Reviews the literature. Presents results of an experiment which found that messages with negative emotion elicit less attention, based on a fixed resource model assumed by the secondary task measure; ...

Psychological and behavioral factors predicting attendance at a community-based HIV prevention intervention
von Thompson, N J; Sanderson, C A; Potter, J S; Maibach, E W
In: Journal of Health Psychology, 2 (1997), 1, p. 75-84 : table refs

...Explored stage of condom adoption and selected other psychological and behavioural factors, to determine which of these predicted attendance at a clinic-based HIV intervention. Stage of condom adoptio...

A social cognitive-based model for condom use among college students
von Dilorio, C; Dudley, W N; Soet, J; Watkins, J; Maibach, E
In: Nursing Research, 49 (2000), 4, p. 208-14
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...Tests a social cognitive-based model of condom use behaviours among college students. Overall, the findings lend support to a condom use model based on social cognitive theory and provide implications...

Conceptualizing the multidimensional nature of self-efficacy: assessment of situational context and level of behavioral challenge to maintain safer sex
von Murphy, D A; Stein, J A; Schlenger, W; Maibach, E; National Institute of Mental Health Multisite HIV Prevention Trial Group
In: Health Psychology, 20 (2001), 4, p. 281-90
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...A. Bandura (1991) argued that selfefficacy measurement should be specific both to the situation in which the behavior occurs and level to challenge in that situation. Measures consistent with the 2 di...

Opportunities and barriers to disease prevention counseling in the primary care setting: a multisite qualitative study with US health consumers
von Wolff, Lisa S.; Massett, Holly A.; Weber, Deanne; Mockenhaupt, Robin E.; Hassmiller, Susan; Maibach, Edward W.
In: Health Promotion International, 25 (2010), 3, p. 265-276

...The purpose of this study is to understand people's receptivity to seeking out disease prevention counseling from their primary care provider. Since patients' openness to health messages may vary depe...

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