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e-Infrastructures for Research and Innovation : Linking Information Systems to Improve Scientific Knowledge Production
von Jeffery, Keith G. (Hrsg.); Dvorak, Jan (Hrsg.)
Zeithamlova Milena 2012. 361 : ill.

...Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems, CRIS 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, June 6th-9th, 2012...

An architecture for grey literature in a R&D context
von Jeffery, Keith G
In: International Journal on Grey Literature , 1 (2000), il(s), link(s)

...Proposes a metadata datamodel for grey literature intended to integrate with the CERIF2000 definition to replace the CERIF1991 European Union recommendation to member states on exchange of research an...

Current Research Information Systems (CRIS)
von Asserson, Anne; Jeffery, Keith G.
In: Wissenschaftsmanagement , 15 (2009), 1, p. 41-44 : Abbildungen 1; Anmerkungen 1

...The potential strategic value of CRIS for decision-making could be enhanced if research managers in one country could also have access to the information on research funding in other countries. (HoF/t...

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