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Organizational learning culture's influence on job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and turnover intention among R&D professionals in Taiwan during an economic downturn
von Hsu, Hsiu-Yen.
In: Dissertation Abstracts International, A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 70 (2010), 07, 2607 p.

...With new technology and workforce changes, a dynamic and innovative R&D environment is increasingly being required in a knowledge-based economy. HRD needs to have a better understanding of its practic...

Precision Pinch Performance in Patients With Sensory Deficits of the Median Nerve at the Carpal Tunnel
von Yen, Wei-Jang; Kuo, Yao-Lung; Kuo, Li-Chieh; Chen, Shu-Min; Kuan, Ta-Shen; Hsu, Hsiu-Yun
In: Motor Control, 18 (2014), 1, p. 29-43

...To investigate how sensory symptoms impact the motor control of hands, in this study we examined the differences in conventional sensibility assessments and pinch force control in the pinch-holding-up...

Setup of a Novel Biofeedback Prototype for Sensorimotor Control of the Hand and Preliminary Application in Patients With Peripheral Nerve Injuries
von Chiu, Haw-Yen; Hsu, Hsiu-Yun; Su, Fong-Chin; Jou, I-Ming; Lin, Cheng-Feng; Kuo, Li-Chieh
In: Physical Therapy, 93 (2013), 2, 168 p.
Referenzen: 40

...Biofeedback training is widely used for rehabilitative intervention in patients with central or peripheral nervous impairment to train correct movement patterns; however, no biofeedback apparatus is c...

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