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Communication about sexual issues: mothers, fathers, and friends
von DiIorio, C; Kelley, M; Hockenberry-Eaton, M
In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 24 (1999), 3, p. 181-9
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...Early adolescence is characterized by more sex-based discussions with mothers than friends or fathers. Daughters and sons discuss different topics with their fathers, although discussion by both gende...

Mother and adolescent knowledge of sexual development: the effects of gender, age and sexual experience
von Hockenberry-Eaton, M; Richman, M J; DiIorio, C; Rivero, T
In: Adolescence, 31 (1996), 121, p. 35-47 : table refs
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...Results suggest that the mothers were not able to adequately define several sexual development terms and thus may be ill-prepared to teach their children about sex or reinforce information they learn ...

The content of African American mothers' discussions with their adolescents about sex
von DiIorio, C; Hockenberry-Eaton, M; Maibach, E; Rivero, T
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 2 (1996), 4, p. 365-82s
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...Using a focus group approach, sought to explore the role of African American mothers in the education of their adolescents about sexuality including the provision of factual information and transmissi...

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