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To prosecute or not
von Hill, Stephen
In: World Today, 56 (2000), 8, p. 35-37 : il(s)

...Considers dilemma of the international community in resolving civil wars and negotiating peace agreements with leaders suspected of human rights violations and atrocities; universal acceptance of defi...

Working time changes and employment growth
von Hill, Stephen
In: Lloyds Bank Review (1987), p. 31-46 : table(s), chart(s)

...The case for a shorter work week; Great Britain....

How Do You Manage a Flexible Firm? The Total Quality Model
von Hill, Stephen
In: Work, Employment and Society, 5 (1991), 3, p. 397-415
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...An investigation of the implications for labor, management, & the firm of the introduction of modern principles of quality management into US & GB companies in response to changing product markets & J...

Eighteen Cases of Technology Transfer to Asia/Pacific Region Countries
von Hill, Stephen
In: Science and Public Policy (SPP), 13 (1986), 3, p. 162-169

...Eighteen cases of technology transfer to nations in the Asian/Pacific region are described on the basis of personal experience. Lessons are drawn from these case studies for the more effective use of ...

Changing the Technological Trajectory: Addressing the "Trailing Edge" of Australia's Historical Culture
von Hill, Stephen
In: Futures, 22 (1990), 3, p. 272-297

...The future is explored through two key concepts: connecting history & the future through a historically formed moving "present," & grounding such work in an analysis of the underlying processes of the...

Globalization or Indigenization: New Alignments between Knowledge and Culture
von Hill, Stephen
In: Knowledge and Policy, 8 (1995), 2, p. 88-112

...It is argued that power to assert a local cultural voice in the economic world is emerging from a new alignment between global & local knowledge: the formation of both technology & scientific knowledg...

The Social Organization of Boards of Directors
von Hill, Stephen
In: The British Journal of Sociology, 46 (1995), 2, p. 245-278
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...Interviews with directors of 42 major British companies are used to examine how boards of directors work as a social institution, how influence is distributed, & how power is used within companies. Th...

Technology and Organization Culture: The Human Imperative in Integrating New Technology into Organization Design
von Hill, Stephen
In: Technology in Society, 10 (1988), 2, p. 233-253

...The relationship between the culture of corporate organization & the introduction of new technological systems is discussed, with a focus on Australia, where historic dependency on the importation of ...

From Dark to Light: Seeing Development Strategies through the Eyes of S&T Indicators
von Hill, Stephen
In: Science and Public Policy (SPP), 13 (1986), 5, p. 275-284

...Science & technology (S&T) indicators have become central elements in S&T policy making in advanced nations, but have only recently started to be applied to the specific needs of developing nations. C...

Competition and control at work: the new industrial sociology
von Hill, Stephen
Heinemann Educ Bks 1981. bibl(s), index(es)

...Partial contents: Alternative social relations of production; Managerial goals and organisational structure; Technology and the worker; Trade unionism and the regulation of conflict....

Supervisory Roles and the Man in the Middle: Dock Foremen
von Hill, Stephen
In: The British Journal of Sociology, 24 (1973), 2, p. 205-221

...The thesis that the first-line industr supervisor is in a position of acute role conflict, the man in the middle between men & manag, is tested in the London docks. The res had 2 stages. (1) 3 months ...

Basic Design Principles for National Research in Developing Countries
von Hill, Stephen
In: Technology in Society, 9 (1987), 1, p. 63-73

...Basic design principles for national research in developing countries are established by questioning the applicability of Western practice in the design of research organizations in Third World nation...

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