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Feeling for the future: a survey of television
von Heilemann, John
In: Economist, 330 (1994), 56 : il(s), table(s), chart(s) p.

...Examines evolution of TV and its convergence with computer and telecommunications technology; emphasis on US companies and markets. Digital technology, control of content, distribution, computing, and...

Pride before the fall: the trials of Bill Gates and the end of the Microsoft era
von Heilemann, John
HarperCollins Publishers 2001. il(s)

...Discusses the US Department of Justice antitrust litigation against Microsoft Corporation for its monopolistic practices, the decision ordering its break-up into two companies, roles, motives, and age...

Debt 101: our system now saddles students with loans that make low-paying but meaningful work impossible; here's how to fix it
von Heilemann, John
In: Washington Monthly, 25 (1993), p. 42-44

...Proposal to permit payment of loans at different rates, depending on how much salary is earned after graduation; US....

On trial: a survey of the legal profession
von Heilemann, John
In: Economist, 324 (1992), 54 : il(s), table(s), chart(s) p.

...Lawyers as service industry businessmen and women and as professionals; focuses on commercial and civil attorneys. Examines trends in attorney-client relationships, law firms, partnerships, and intern...

Der Angriff
von Heilemann, John
Stuttgart: Deutsche Verl.-Anst., 2001. 272 p.

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