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Data mining: new challenges for statisticians
von Hand, D J
In: Social Science Computer Review, 18 (2000), 4, p. 442-9

...Data mining is the science of finding unexpected, valuable, or interesting structures in large data sets. It is an interdisciplinary activity, taking ideas and methods from statistics, machine learnin...

von Hand, D. J. [Ed]; Everitt, B. S. [Ed]
Cambridge University Press 1987.

...Intended as a complement to standard statistics texts, this collection of essays presents various practical aspects of the work of statistical consulting in 12 Chpts with editors' Preface. (1) D. J. H...

Generalisation from phase III clinical trials: survival, quality of life, and health economics
von Fayers, P M; Hand, D J
In: Lancet, 4 (1997), p. 1025-7s

...Inclusion of health-economics assessment in randomised clinical trials is becoming increasingly common, especially in trials for diseases such as cancer. The treatments for such diseases may be expens...

Factor analysis, causal indicators and quality of life
von Fayers, P. M; Hand, D. J
In: Quality of life research : an international journal of quality of life aspects of treatment, care and rehabilitation ; official journal of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (1997), p. Vol. 6 (1997), 0-0

...Abstract Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) remains one of the standard and most widely used methods for demonstrating construct validity of new instruments. However, the model for EFA makes assumption...

Causal indicators in quality of life research
von Bjordal, K; Fayers, P. M; Groenvold, M; Hand, D. J
In: Quality of life research : an international journal of quality of life aspects of treatment, care and rehabilitation ; official journal of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (1997), p. Vol. 6 (1997), 393-406

...Abstract Quality of Life (QOL) questionnaires contain two different types of items. Some items, such as assessments of symptoms of disease, may be called causal indicators because the occurrence of th...

Incidence of tooth loss among elderly Iowans
von Hunt, R J; Kohout, F J; Hand, J S; Beck, J D
In: American Journal of Public Health, 78 (1988), Oct 88, p. 1330-2

...Investigated the 18-month incidence of tooth loss in a random sample of 451 dentate noninstitutionalized Iowans aged 65 and older residing in 2 rural counties. They had a mean of 19.0 teeth at baselin...

Depression in HIV-infected patients. Allopathic, complementary, and alternative treatments
von Bopp, C M; Fulk, L J; Hand, G A; Kane, B E; Phillips, K D
In: Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 57 (2004), 4, p. 339-351
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...Objectives: The purpose of this review article is to synthesize the current knowledge related to depression and HIV disease. Methods: The research literature was critically evaluated for several selec...

Does insulin-like growth factor 1 genotype influence muscle power response to strength training in older men and women?
von Sood, Suchi; Hanson, Erik D; Delmonico, Matthew J; Kostek, Matthew C; Hand, Brian D; Roth, Stephen M; Hurley, Ben F
In: European Journal of Applied Physiology, 112 (2012), 2, p. 743-753

...The CA-repeat polymorphism in the insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) gene promoter region has been associated with strength and circulating IGF-I protein levels. The purpose of the study was to deter...

Moderate intensity exercise training reverses functional aerobic impairment in HIV-infected individuals
von Hand, Gregory A; Phillips, Kenneth D; Dudgeon, Wesley D; Lyerly, G William; Durstine, J Larry; Burgess, Stephanie E
In: AIDS Care, 20 (2008), 9, p. 1066-1074

...HIV infection and HIV drug therapies result in physical and psychological challenges to those living with HIV. These conditions contribute to decreased functional aerobic capacity (FAC). The aim of th...

Physical activity and immunity in HIV-infected individuals
von Bopp, C M; Dudgeon, W D; Fulk, L J; Hand, Gregory A; Phillips, K D; Sowell, R
In: AIDS Care, 16 (2004), 3, p. 387-393

...The purpose of this study was to determine what relationship exists among physical activity levels and viral load and CD4+ cell count in HIV-infected individuals. Increased viral load is associated wi...

Influence of promoter region variants of insulin-like growth factor pathway genes on the strength-training response of muscle phenotypes in older adults
von Hand, Brian D; Kostek, Matthew C; Ferrell, Robert E; Delmonico, Matthew J; Douglass, Larry W; Roth, Stephen M; Hagberg, James M; Hurley, Ben F
In: Journal of Applied Physiology, 103 (2007), 5, p. 1678-1687

...To examine the influence of insulin-like growth factor (IGF) pathway gene polymorphisms on muscle mass and strength responses to strength training (ST), we studied 128 White and Black men and women be...

Effects of moderate-velocity strength training on peak muscle power and movement velocity: do women respond differently than men?
von Delmonico, Matthew J; Kostek, Matthew C; Doldo, Neil A; Hand, Brian D; Bailey, Jason A; Rabon-Stith, Karma M; Conway, Joan M; Carignan, Craig R; Lang, Jesse; Hurley, Ben F
In: Journal of Applied Physiology, 99 (2005), 5, p. 1712-1718

...The effects of a 10-wk unilateral knee extension strength training (ST) program on peak power (PP) and peak movement velocity (PV), at given absolute (force load) and relative (same % of 1 repetition ...

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