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Statistics and agriculture
von Gower, J C
1988. -179-200 : bibl(s) p.

...Historical review of the relationship between statistics and agricultural research; conference paper; Great Britain....

Multivariate analysis of coffee images: a study in the simultaneous display of multivariate quantitative and qualitative variables for several assessors
von Gower, J C; Dijksterhuis, G B
In: Quality and Quantity, 28 (1994), 2, p. 165-84 table

...Discusses a small image study in which 7 assessors judged 9 brands of coffee in terms of 6 quantitative variables and 5 categorical variables. Generalised Procrustes Analysis and Generalised Biplots a...

Black and minority ethnic students' experiences of physical education teacher education
von Flintoff, A; Lawrence, J; Squires, S; Chappell, A; Gower, C; Keyworth, S; Money, J; Webb, L
In: Physical Education Matters, 4 (2009), 3, 33 p.

...This research was funded by the Training and Development Agency (TDA) and aimed to explore Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students' experiences on physical education teacher education (PETE) courses ...

Commentary: Carbon Metabolism of the Terrestrial Biosphere: A Multitechnique Approach for Improved Understanding
von Baldocchi, D. D; Berry, J. A; Bond, B. Y; Canadell, J. G; Ehleringer, J. R; Field, C. B; Gower, S. T; Hollinger, D. Y; Hunt, J. E; Jackson, R. B; Mooney, H. A; Running, S. W; Shaver, G. R; Steffen, W; Trumbore, S. E; Valentini, R
In: Ecosystems (2000), p. Vol. 3 (2000), 115-130

...ABSTRACT Understanding terrestrial carbon metabolism is critical because terrestrial ecosystems play a major role in the global carbon cycle. Furthermore, humans have severely disrupted the carbon cyc...

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