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Interaktion im öffentlichen Raum
von Goffman, Erving (Hrsg.)
Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verl., 2009. 252 S.

..."In diesem Buch, das zu den klassischen Werken der neueren Soziologie gezählt werden kann, beschäftigt sich Erving Goffman damit, wie wir uns in Situationen verhalten, in denen wir anderen begegnen....

Erving Goffmans Reich der Interaktion
von Knoblauch, Hubert
In: Interaktion und Geschlecht S. 7-49

...Anlässlich der erstmaligen Veröffentlichung von zwei Aufsätzen Erving Goffmans in deutscher Sprache, skizziert der Autor in seiner Einleitung Grundpositionen der Theorie und Soziologie Erving Gof...

Symbols of class status
von Goffman, Erving
In: British Journal of Sociology, 2 (1951), p. 294-304
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...Modified version of paper presented at the University of Chicago society for social research, Chicago, 1949....

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
von Goffman, Erving
Blackwell 2001.

...The role that self-presentation during social interaction plays in the formation of the self is investigated. It is contended that individuals both give & give off expressions during social interactio...

Role Distance
von Goffman, Erving
Transaction 2006.

...Uses examples of merry-go-round riders, surgeons in operating rooms; & psychoanalysts at work to explore the concept of role distance, i.e., the expressed separateness between individuals & their puta...

The Presentation of Self
von Goffman, Erving
Transaction 2006.

...An excerpt from the classic book, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (1959), highlights the many reasons individuals have for trying to control the impression others have of them during interac...

Remedial Work
von Goffman, Erving
Transaction 2006.

...An excerpt from the 1971 book, Relations in Public, sheds light on remedial work intended to change "the meaning that otherwise might be given to an act" by transforming what could be seen as offensiv...

Felicity's Condition
von Goffman, Erving
In: American Journal of Sociology, 89 (1983), 1, p. 1-53
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...A central issue in the sociological study of social interaction is taken-for-granted inferences. This issue is examined through a review of selected recent works in sociolinguistics, pragmatics, & con...

von Goffman, Erving
In: Human Relations, 10 (1957), 1, p. 47-60
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...When an individual in society engages in a conversation encounter with others, he may become spontaneously involved in it. Taking this conjoint spontaneous involvement as a point of reference, the dis...

Pervichnye sistemy freymov
von Goffman, Erving
In: Sotsiologicheskiy Zhurnal (2001), 1, p. 122-137

...Presents a translation of a text by Erving Goffman's on "Primary Frameworks." In any situation, a person accepts the event through one or more primary frameworks. Natural frameworks describe pure phys...

Interaktion im öffentlichen Raum
von Goffman, Erving
Campus Verlag 2009. 252 S.

..., beschäftigt sich Erving Goffman damit, wie wir uns in Situationen verhalten, in denen wir anderen begegnen...

Interaktion und Geschlecht
von Goffman, Erving
Campus Verlag 2001. 195 S.

... spürt der Interaktionsforscher Erving Goffman typischen Verhaltensmustern der Geschlechter nach. Wie...

Sobre o resfriamento do Marca: Alguns Aspectos da adaptacao ao fracasso
von Goffman, Erving
In: Revista Brasileira de Sociologia da Emocao , 13 (2014), 39, p. 269-285

...O objetivo principal deste artigo e compreender as perdas e os fracassos pessoais e as maneiras em que uma pessoa se desengata de um dos seus envolvimentos sociais. Traz a preocupacao tambem de entend...

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...A presentation of 2 essays on focused interaction, or interaction which 'occurs when people effectively agree to sustain for a time a single focus of cognitive & visual attention.. . The soc org unit ...

Response Cries
von Goffman, Erving
In: Language, 54 (1978), 4, p. 787-815
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...Utterances are housed not in paragraphs, but in turns at talk-occasions implying a temporary taking of the floor, as well as an alternation of takers. Turns themselves are naturally coupled into two-p...

Replies and Responses
von Goffman, Erving
In: Language in Society, 5 (1976), 3, p. 257-313
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...The notion of "reply" in the analysis of conversational dialogue is examined. Whenever people talk, questions & answers are likely to come up. Questions & answers form a minimal dialogic unit. These d...

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