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Correspondence analysis: annotation
von Everitt, B S
In: Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, 38 (1997), 7, p. 737-45

...Correspondence analysis, a technique for displaying the associations amongst variables in the form of scatterplot or map, allows a visual examination of any pattern in the data. Considers it a useful ...

A Note on Parameter Estimation for Lazarsfeld's Latent Class Model Using the EM Algorithm
von Everitt, B. S.
In: Multivariate Behavioral Research, 19 (1984), 1, p. 79-89

...Latent class analysis, originally proposed by Paul F. Lazarsfeld ("The Logical and Mathematical Foundations of Latent Structure Analysis" in Stouffer, S. A., Guttman, L., Sachman, E. A., Lazarsfeld, P...

The analysis of contingency tables
von Everitt, B.S.
In: Monographs on statistics and applied probability 164 p.

...Das Buch gibt einen Überblick über die Analyse von Kontingenztabellen. (IAB)...

The use of multivariate statistical methods in psychiatry
von Everitt, B S; Landau, S
In: Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 7 (1998), 3, p. 253-77

...Multivariate methods such as factor analysis and cluster analysis have been used for many years by psychiatric researchers primarily for investigating the problems of psychiatric diagnosis. In more re...

Self-mutilation in female remanded prisoners II: a cluster analytic approach towards identification of a behavioural syndrome
von Coid, J; Everitt, B
In: Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 2 (1992), 1992, p. 1-14

...Cluster analysis of phenomenological variables and the associated symptom profile of self-mutilation in 74 female prisoners identified a subgroup with a disorder of mood who injured themselves as a sy...

Stress in community care teams: will it affect the sustainability of community care?
von Everitt, B; Stevens, W; Wykes, T
In: Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology : SPPE ; the international journal for research in social and genetic epidemiology and mental health services (1997), p. Vol. 32 (1997), 398-407

...Abstract The study investigated whether community care is sustainable by examining the levels of stress and burnout that affect community mental health staff. Six teams from around Great Britain were ...

Searching for a Gulf War syndrome using cluster analysis
von Everitt, B; Ismail, K; David, A S; Wessely, S
In: Psychological Medicine, 32 (2002), 8, p. 1371-8

...Gulf veterans report medically unexplained symptoms more frequently than non-Gulf veterans did. Examined whether Gulf and non-Gulf veterans could be distinguished by their patterns of symptom reportin...

von Hand, D. J. [Ed]; Everitt, B. S. [Ed]
Cambridge University Press 1987.

...Intended as a complement to standard statistics texts, this collection of essays presents various practical aspects of the work of statistical consulting in 12 Chpts with editors' Preface. (1) D. J. H...

Compliance therapy in psychotic patients: randomised controlled trial
von Kemp, R; Hayward, P; Applewhaite, G; Everitt, B
In: British Medical Journal, 312 (1996), 7027, p. 345-9
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...Patients who received compliance therapy showed significantly greater improvements in their attitudes to drug treatment and in their insight into illness and compliance with treatment compared with a ...

Incidence and distribution of first-episode mania by age: results from a 35-year study
von Boydell, J; Everitt, B; Jones, P B; Kennedy, N; Murray, R M; Van Os, J
In: Psychological Medicine, 35 (2005), 6, p. 855-863

...Background. Few epidemiological studies have investigated incidence by age or age at onset distributions for mania or bipolar disorder. The current study aimed to determine these in a defined area in ...

Hormonal basis of proceptivity and receptivity in female primates
von Baum, M. J; Everitt, B. J; Herbert, J; Keverne, E. B
In: Archives of sexual behavior : the official publication of the International Academy of Sex Research (1977), p. Vol. 6 (1977), 173-192

...Abstract The role played by steroid hormones in regulating the sexual behavior of female primates is reviewed, with emphasis placed on experiments using nonhuman species. A distinction is made between...

The comparison of latent variable models of nonpsychotic psychiatric morbidity in four culturally diverse populations
von Jacob, K S; Everitt, B S; Patel, V; Weich, S; Araya, R; Lewis, G H
In: Psychological Medicine, 28 (1998), 1, p. 145-52

...Non-psychotic psychiatric morbidity, elicited by the Revised Clinical Interview Schedule (CIS-R), from four culturally diverse populations was compared. Confirmatory factor analysis was employed to co...

Is there a Gulf War syndrome?
von Ismail, K; Everitt, B; Blatchley, N; Hull, L; Unwin, C; David, A; Wessely, S
In: Lancet, 16 (1999), p. 179-82
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...Investigates the pattern of symptom reporting by veterans of the Gulf War and looks at whether this differs from that in active servicemen who did not fight in the Gulf War or who fought in other conf...

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