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von Etzioni, Amitai (Hrsg.)

A sociological reader on complex organizations
von Etzioni, Amitai (Hrsg.)
London [u.a.]: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1971. XIV, 576 : graph. Darst.

Social profile: USA today
von Etzioni, Amitai (Hrsg.)
New York: van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1970. XX,539 p.

This issue is devoted to Repentance in civic and religious traditions
von Etzioni, Amitai (Hrsg.)
Thousand Oaks [u.a.]: Sage Periodicals Press, 1998. p. 763 - 867

...Enth. u.a.: Restorative justice and earned redemption / Gordon Bazemore. Repentance, psychotherapy, and healing through a Jewish lens / Estelle FrankelEnth. u.a.: Restorative justice and earned redemp...

Affective Bonds and Moral Norms: A Communitarian Approach to the Emerging Global Society
von Etzioni, Amitai
In: Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft (2005), 3, p. 127-143

...A key communitarian question is whether new "supranational" bodies are developing some communal features & governing agencies, & might be called new transnational communities. To answer this question,...

Next: Three Steps towards a Good Society
von Etzioni, Amitai
In: The Responsive Community, 11 (2000), 1, p. 49-58

...Well-organized national societies are constituted as communities of communities. Today, the US's community of communities is threatened in two ways that demand serious attention. First, American socie...

Terrorists: Neither Soldiers nor Criminals
von Etzioni, Amitai
In: Military Review, 89 (2009), 4

...Conventional armies that adhere to the rules of war when confronting terrorists are disadvantaged and under pressure to circumvent the rules. Conditions suggest work is needed to modify and update the...

Zero is the Wrong Number
von Etzioni, Amitai
In: World Policy Journal, 26 (2009), 3

...Criticizes the Obama administration for adopting the position advanced by the Quad -- Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Sam Nunn, & William Perry -- regarding total global nuclear disarmament referred t...

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