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Building cohesion through collaborative narration
von Eder, D
In: Social Psychology Quarterly, 51 (1988), Sep 88, p. 225-35
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...Although self-disclosure has been shown to be an important verbal means for conveying and strengthening solidarity in very close relationships, little attention has been paid to other ways in which ta...

The cultural production and reproduction of gender: the effect of extracurricular activities on peer-group culture
von Eder, D; Parker, S
In: Sociology of Education, 60 (1987), Jul 87, p. 200-13
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...Studies of gender socialisation in schools have focused primarily on the role of textbooks and formal instruction in the promotion of traditioanl gender roles. Suggests it is important to determine th...

The lost generation lives again
von Eder, D L
In: Women's Studies, 18 (1990), Sep 90, p. 129-34

...Discusses 2 books about women's experiences in World War 1: Not so quiet by Helen Z. Smith (1930); and We that were young by Irene Rathbone (1932). (JLN)...

Ethnographic studies of children and youth: theoretical and ethical issues
von Eder, D; Corsaro, W
In: Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 28 (1999), 5, p. 520-31
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...Contribution to a special issue on 'Ethnography: reflections at the millennium's turn - Part 1'. In reflecting on the state of ethnography at this interesting point in history, places the focus on eth...

'No exit': processes of social isolation in the middle school
von Evans, C; Eder, D
In: Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 22 (1993), 2, p. 139-70
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...Finds isolated students had at least 1 characteristic that was viewed negatively by peers and was partially responsible for their rejection, often they were assumed to have others. Rejected students w...

The effect of middle school extracurricular activities on adolescents' popularity and peer status
von Eder, D; Kinney, D A
In: Youth and Society, 26 (1995), 3, p. 298-324 : table refs
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...Examines the effects of extracurricular activities on students' popularity and peer status in middle school as well as the processes by which these effects occur. Findings from qualitative and quantit...

The structure of gossip: opportunities and constraints on collective expression among adolescents
von Eder, D; Enke, J L
In: American Sociological Review, 56 (1991), Aug 91, p. 494-508
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...Found that gossip among adolescents has a flexible structure, but also constrains participants toward the expression of negative evaluations. Responses to initial evaluations played a crucial role in ...

The National Women's Music Festival: collective identity and diversity in a lesbian-feminist community
von Eder, D; Staggenborg, S; Sudderth, L
In: Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 23 (1995), 4, p. 485-515s
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...Explores the potential conflict between affirming a lesbian identity and supporting the feminist value of diversity through this examination of the Festival. Interviews and field notes indicated that ...

The development of feeling norms underlying romantic love among adolescent females
von Simon, R W; Eder, D; Evans, C
In: Social Psychology Quarterly, 55 (1992), Mar 92, p. 29-46
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...Finds that girls acquire cultural knowledge and develop feeling and expression norms to deal with their concerns about romance. Girls also use discourse strategies to communicate normative information...

Priming performance self-evaluations: moderating effects of rating purpose and judgment confidence
von Eder, R W; Fedor, D B
In: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 44 (1989), Dec 89, p. 474-93

...Hierarchical regression analysis results suggested that external priming attempts to cue the individual to reduce self-ratings under an evaluative purpose may actually raise, not lower, self-evaluatio...

The contributory effects of supervisor intentions on subordinate feedback responses
von Fedor, D B; Eder, R W; Buckley, M R
In: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 44 (1989), Dec 89, p. 396-414

...Investigated the contributory effects of perceived supervisor intentions on subordinate reactions, motivation to improve, and feedback seeding behavior when a supervisor provides informal feedback. In...

Neonatal outcome following buprenorphine maintenance during conception and throughout pregnancy
von Schindler, S D; Eder, H; Ortner, R; Rohrmeister, K; Langer, M; Fischer, G
In: Addiction, 98 (2003), 1, p. 103-10

...Aimed to assess the effects of maternal buprenorphine treatment at conception and during pregnancy on neonates in terms of birth outcomes and neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). Participants were two ...

Trajectories Emerging From Discrete Versus Continuous Processing Models in Phonological Competitor Tasks: A Commentary on Spivey, Grosjean, and Knoblich (2005)
von van der Wel, Robrecht P R D; Eder, Jeffrey R; Mitchel, Aaron D; Walsh, Matthew M; Rosenbaum, David A
In: Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 35 (2009), 2, p. 588-594

...M. J. Spivey, M. Grosjean, and G. Knoblich (2005) showed that in a phonological competitor task, participants' mouse cursor movements showed more curvature toward the competitor item when the competit...

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