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The Code of Practice through LEA eyes
von Dyer, C
In: British Journal of Special Education, 22 (1995), 2, p. 48-51s

...Places the Code of Practice in its historical context and considers it through the eyes of a Local Education Authority Officer. A critical appreciation of the good and less good aspects and thoughts o...

The law on doctors speaking out
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 296 (1988), 30 Jan 88, p. 348-9

...Discusses doctors' rights as concerns making their views public. These are set out in paragraph 330 of the terms and conditions of service for doctors in community medicine and community health, and f...

The penalties of issuing misleading advertisements
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 294 (1987), 14 Feb 87, p. 426-7

...Discusses the case against Roussel Laboratories on a charge of issuing a misleading advertisement for the drug Surgan. The prosecution, brought by the Department of Health and Social Security under th...

The voice of reason
von Dyer, C
In: Health Service Journal, 20 (1997), p. 1, 3-4

...Judicial review enables people to challenge public bodies' decisions, and NHS managers are increasingly on the receiving end. Decisions of central and local government, health and education authoritie...

Consent and the mentally handicapped
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 295 (1987), 25 Jul 87, p. 257-8

...Asks whether the court has power to consent to an operation on a mentally handicapped adult who cannot give valid consent. Discusses rulings. The Medical Protection Society advises members not to perf...

Consent to treatment and criminal responsibility in the mentally ill
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 295 (1987), 28 Nov 87, p. 1402-3

...With more people surviving into their 80s and 90s inevitably more will suffer from dementia in their later years. A decision by the High Court should make it easier for elderly people to arrange for s...

Doctors with AIDS and the 'News of the World'
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 295 (1987), 21 Nov 87, p. 1339-40

...Discusses the use of injunctions against newspapers banning them from reporting the identities of doctors undergoing treatment for AIDS. The law of confidence was used by the health authority seeking ...

Dr Gee goes to the House of Lords
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 294 (1987), 14 Mar 87, p. 695-6

...Dr Sidney Gee has kept the courts busy since 1983 with the most expensive libel action in English legal history. Discusses the case concerning his treatment for obesity in which he sued the BBC and 2 ...

First High Court judgment on sex abuse in Cleveland
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 295 (1987), 8 Aug 87, 382 p.

...Discusses cases in Middlesborough in which parents claim sexual abuse was wrongly diagnosed. (JLN)...

Father fails in attempt to stop girlfriend's abortion
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 294 (1987), 7 Mar 87, p. 631-2

...Discusses the Court of Appeal's decision to turn down the Oxford student's request for an injunction to stop his pregnant former girlfriend from going ahead with a planned abortion. (JLN)...

Mental Health Commission defeated over paedophile
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 296 (1988), 11 Jun 88, p. 1660-1

...Discusses how the Mental Health Act Commission, set up by the 1983 Mental Health Act as a watchdog for mental patients' rights, has lost the first court challenge to the exercise of its powers. On 26 ...

Settlement of the benoxaprofen case
von Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 296 (1988), 9 Jan 88, p. 109-11

...Discusses the benoxaprofen case and the offer of a settlement by the drug's manufacturer. Discusses how claims are settled and repercussions for future litigation. (JLN)...

Social organization as a function of work: organization aboard a Japanese Surimi trawler
von Dyer, C L
In: Human Organization, 47 (1988), Spring 88, p. 76-81

...Describes work organisation, recruitment, and decision-making aboard a Japanese factory trawler, and demonstrates how crew composition and social organisation is structured to minimise worker conflict...

Conservation and forced innovation: responses to Turtle Excluder Devices among Gulf of Mexico shrimpers
von Moberg, M; Dyer, C L
In: Human Organization, 53 (1994), 2, p. 160-6 table
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...By 1989, federal regulations required the use of TEDs on offshore shrimp trawlers in US waters. Fishermen in Alabama initially responded by experimenting with and modifying the device. Resistance foll...

Campus harassment: sexual harassment policies and procedures at institutions of higher learning
von Robertson, C; Dyer, C E; Campbell, D
In: Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 13 (1988), Summer 88, p. 792-812

...Gives the results of an Indiana University Office of Women's Affairs 1984 survey of US institutions of higher learning concerning policies and procedures developed to deal with sexual harassment. Aime...

The premature ageing syndromes: insights into the ageing process
von Dyer, C A E; Sinclair, A J
In: Age and Ageing, 27 (1998), 1, p. 73-80

...Reviews research into the premature ageing process, both for what it reveals about premature ageing itself and for the relevance of the findings to understanding of the ageing process in normally agei...

Palliative care in Forth Valley: perspective of general practitioners on service provision
von Dyer, C; Grimmer, M; Wayne, B; Carter, H
In: Health Bulletin, 56 (1998), 1, p. 504-10

...The aim was to provide an estimate of the palliative care workload for general practices in the Forth Valley Health Board area; to determine those staff within practices with an interest in the area o...

Thinking about the unthinkable: assault on a GP
von Cembrowicz, S; Goodman, M; Winn, J C; Ford, P G T; Dyer, C
In: British Medical Journal, 294 (1987), 7 Mar 87, p. 616-8

...A doctor who was attacked in his surgery in an inner city area, was unable to practice for two weeks because of injuries, and had to apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for compensation....

Functional outcomes and daily life activities of African-American elders after hospitalization
von Spencer, J; Hersch, G; Shelton, M; Ripple, J; Spencer, C; Dyer, C B; Murphy, K
In: American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 56 (2002), 2, p. 149-59

...African-American elders were recruited from a transitional unit after hospitalization and tracked for 6 months in the community after discharge to examine functional outcomes on the unit and in the co...

The high prevalence of depression and dementia in elder abuse or neglect
von Dyer, C B; Pavlik, V N; Murphy, K P; Hyman, D J
In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 48 (2000), 2, p. 205-8
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...Describes the characteristics of abused or neglected patients and compares the prevalence of depression and dementia in neglected patients with that of patients referred for other reasons. Highlights ...

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