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e-Infrastructures for Research and Innovation : Linking Information Systems to Improve Scientific Knowledge Production
von Jeffery, Keith G. (Hrsg.); Dvorak, Jan (Hrsg.)
Zeithamlova Milena 2012. 361 : ill.

...Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems, CRIS 2012, Prague, Czech Republic, June 6th-9th, 2012...

Objekt a subjekt verejneho mineni z hlediska vyzkumne praxe
von Tomek, Ivan; Herzmann, Jan; Dvorak, Pavel
In: Sociologicky Casopis, 19 (1983), 4, p. 411-421

...Understanding PO as a social problem is necessary if the data collected by such bodies as Czechoslovakia's Instit for PO Research are to be utilized effectively. PO is a manifestation of social awaren...

Zakladni vlastnosti socialniho jevu "verejne mineni"
von Herzmann, Jan; Tomek, Ivan; Dvorak, Pavel; Zich, Frantisek
In: Sociologicky Casopis, 20 (1984), 1, p. 23-34

...A more comprehensive theoretical treatment of PO as a social phenomenon is developed, based on the article "Object and Subject of Public Opinion from the Viewpoint of Research Practice" (see SA 31:5/8...

Antidoping programme and biological monitoring before and during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
von Baume, Norbert; Jan, Nicolas; Emery, Caroline; Mandanis, Beatrice; Schweizer, Carine; Giraud, Sylvain; Leuenberger, Nicolas; Marclay, Francois; Nicoli, Raul; Perrenoud, Laurent; Robinson, Neil; Dvorak, Jiri; Saugy, Martial
In: British Journal of Sports Medicine, 49 (2015), 9, 614 p.

...The FIFA has implemented an important antidoping programme for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The aim of this study is to perform the analyses before and during the World Cup with biological monitoring of b...

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