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Outcome measures for erectile dysfunction 1: literature review
von Dorey, G
In: British Journal of Nursing, 11 (2002), 1, p. 54-64

...Describes and evaluates critically the outcome measures available for the assessment of the conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). The literature review identified 26 outcome measures. O...

Outcome measures for erectile dysfunction 2: evaluation
von Dorey, G
In: British Journal of Nursing, 11 (2002), 2, p. 120-5

...In the second part of a two-part article, discusses and evaluates the range of outcome measures for erectile dysfunction identified from the literature review in part one (Volume 11, Number 1). The li...

Partners' perspective of erectile dysfunction: literature review
von Dorey, G
In: British Journal of Nursing, 10 (2001), 3, p. 187-8, 190-5

...Erectile dysfunction is a problem which men may or may not share with their partners for a variety of reasons. Presents a literature review of 26 articles which revealed the partners' perspective of m...

Pelvic floor muscle exercises for men
von Dorey, G
In: Nursing Times, 99 (2003), 19, p. 46-8

...Contribution to a supplement on continence, produced in conjunction with theAssociation for Continence Advice. Describes the function of pelvic floor muscles in men. Explains how to assess pelvic floo...

Induction groups: means and ends
von Caddick, B; Dorey, G
In: Probation Journal, 34 (1987), Mar 87, p. 21-4
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...Using an induction group for probationers pioneered in Bristol 10 years ago and now routine practice, evaluated clients' experience of the detailed programme to show how exercises vary in their useful...

Retirement timing: A review and recommendations for future research
von Fisher, Gwenith G.; Chaffee, Dorey S.; Sonnega, Amanda
In: Work, aging and retirement, Vol. 2, No. 2 (2016), p. 230-261

... which workers exit from their position or career path (e.g., early, on time, and later). We propose a...

Achilles tendon compliance: Implications for gait, injury and rehabilitation
von Lichtwark, G; McGuigan, R; Dorey, N; Wilson, A
In: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 12 (2009), Suppl. 1, S21 p.

...Tendons are inherently elastic materials: they strain in response to the stress that is applied to them. When muscles contract and produce force, this force is transferred to the skeleton via the tend...

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