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The costs of Medicare patients in nursing homes in the United States: a multiple output analysis
von Dor, A
In: Journal of Health Economics, 8 (1989), Dec 89, p. 253-70

...With the costs of those requiring treatment under Medicare being high, those requiring nursing home treatment will remain disadvantaged until Medicare reimbursements are brought into line with nursing...

Non-price rationing and the choice of medical care providers in rural Cote d'Ivoire
von Dor, A; Gertler, P; van der Gaag, J
In: Journal of Health Economics, 6 (1987), Dec 87, p. 291-304
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...Investigates the role of travel time in rationing medical care services in a developing country where monetary prices are zero. A nested multinomial logit model of provider choice is estimated using 1...

Juries and justice: are malpractice and other personal injuries created equal?
von Bovbjerg, R R; Dor, A; Sloan, F A; Hsieh, C R
In: Law and Contemporary Problems, 54 (1991), Winter and Spring 91, p. 5-42

...Documents how jury verdicts for malpractice and other 'deep pocket' personal injury defendants (products liability and government cases) compare with ordinary defendants (automobile torts) and analyse...

Exercise-induced bronchospasm among athletes in Lower Silesia Province
von Wolanczyk-Medrala, A; Dor, A; Szczepaniak, W; Tomkowicz, T; Liebhart, J; Panaszek, B; Medrala, W
In: Journal of Sports Sciences, 26 (2008), 13, p. 1467-1471

...A few studies have reported data on the prevalence of exercise-induced bronchospasm in high school and university athletes. Recently published data suggest that exercise-induced bronchospasm may affec...

Should Medicare compensate hospitals for administratively necessary days?
von Holahan, J; Bishop, C; Welch, W P; Kenney, G; Dubay, L C; Dor, A
In: Milbank Quarterly, 67 (1989), 1989, p. 137-67

...Days that a patient remains in a hospital due to inability to secure nursing home placement are termed administratively necessary days (ANDs). Some hospitals under Medicare's prospective payment syste...

Attitudes and tendencies toward return to Judaism among Israeli adolescents: seekers or drifters?
von Yogev, A; El-Dor, J
In: Jewish Journal of Sociology, 29 (1987), Jun 87, p. 5-17

...Endeavours to contrast activist/passivist conversion models by comparing the effects of religious belief and behaviours with the effects of social alienation and the belief in external control on adol...

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