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After Tiananmen Square: challenges for the Chinese-American relationship; special report, 1990
von Domes, Jürgen
Pergamon 1990.

...Discusses both global and regional policy issues; Chinese and American perspectives. Published for the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis by Brassey's (US), Inc....

Die Krise in der Volksrepublik China: Ursachen, Bedeutung und Folgerungen
von Domes, Jürgen
In: Europa-Archiv, 44 (1989), S. 465-476

...Deals with the widespread student-led protest that started in Apr. 1989....

The internal politics of China, 1949-1972
von Domes, Jürgen
Praeger Publishers, Inc. 1973. tables, map

...Translated from the German by Rüdiger Machetzki....

The reunification of Germany and its meaning for the Republic of China
von Domes, Jürgen
In: Issues & studies, 28 (1992)

...After a brief account of the developments which led up to german re-unification, the author illustrates the pre-requisites for the successful re-unification of Germany, examines similarities and diffe...

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