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Childhood Sexual Abuse and Risk Behaviors Among Men at High Risk for HIV Infection
von DiIorio, C; Hartwell, T; Hansen, N
In: American Journal of Public Health, 92 (2002), 2, p. 214-219
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...Objectives. This study examined the association between unwanted sexual activity during childhood and risky behaviors among a sample of predominantly African American and Hispanic men. Methods. Data w...

The content of African American mothers' discussions with their adolescents about sex
von DiIorio, C; Hockenberry-Eaton, M; Maibach, E; Rivero, T
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 2 (1996), 4, p. 365-82s
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...Using a focus group approach, sought to explore the role of African American mothers in the education of their adolescents about sexuality including the provision of factual information and transmissi...

Communication about sexual issues: mothers, fathers, and friends
von DiIorio, C; Kelley, M; Hockenberry-Eaton, M
In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 24 (1999), 3, p. 181-9
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...Early adolescence is characterized by more sex-based discussions with mothers than friends or fathers. Daughters and sons discuss different topics with their fathers, although discussion by both gende...

Mother and adolescent knowledge of sexual development: the effects of gender, age and sexual experience
von Hockenberry-Eaton, M; Richman, M J; DiIorio, C; Rivero, T
In: Adolescence, 31 (1996), 121, p. 35-47 : table refs
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...Results suggest that the mothers were not able to adequately define several sexual development terms and thus may be ill-prepared to teach their children about sex or reinforce information they learn ...

Examining the relationships of depressive symptoms, stigma, social support and regimen-specific support on quality of life in adult patients with epilepsy
von Whatley, A. D.; DiIorio, C. K.; Yeager, K.
In: Health Education Research, 25 (2010), 4, p. 575-584

...Epilepsy research efforts have primarily focused on medical treatment and physical management of epilepsy; however, to provide comprehensive care, efforts cannot focus solely on physical manifestation...

Parenting style and adolescent's reaction to conflict: is there a relationship?
von Miller, J M; DiIorio, C; Dudley, W
In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 31 (2002), 6, p. 463-8
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...Aimed to determine if the reactions of adolescents toward hypothetical situations that can lead to conflict and violence varied by parenting styles of their mothers. Concludes that parenting style is ...

Correlates of sexuality communication among mothers and 6-12-year-old children
von Pluhar, E. I.; DiIorio, C. K.; McCarty, F.
In: Child: Care, Health and Development, 34 (2008), 3, p. 283-290

...Purpose This study assessed the extent to which personal characteristics, knowledge and beliefs, and family interactions and relationships are related to the occurrence of mother-child communication a...

The relationship between parent-adolescent communication and safer sex behaviors in college students
von Lehr, S T; DiIorio, C; Dudley, W N; Lipana, J A
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 6 (2000), 2, p. 180-96
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...An increased incidence of HIV infection in adolescents has led researchers to examine factors that influence young people's sexual behaviours. One of these factors is parent-adolescent communication a...

Social cognitive correlates of sexual experience and condom use among 13- through 15-year-old adolescents
von DiIorio, C; Dudley, W N; Kelly, M; Soet, J E; Mbwara, J; Potter, J S
In: Journal of Adolescent Health, 29 (2001), 3, p. 208-16
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...Examined the role of self-efficacy, outcome expectancies, and perception of peer attitudes in the delay of onset of sexual activity among 13- through 15-year-old adolescents. Also explored the role of...

Healthy Body/Healthy Spirit: a church-based nutrition and physical activity intervention
von Resnicow, K; Jackson, A; Braithwaite, R; DiIorio, C; Blisset, D; Rahotep, S; Periasamy, S
In: Health Education Research, 17 (2002), 5, p. 562-73
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...This study, titled Healthy Body/Healthy Spirit, has two primary aims: to test the effectiveness of a culturally tailored self-help dietary (focusing on fruit and vegetable intake) and physical activit...

Healthy Body/Healthy Spirit: a church-based nutrition and physical activity intervention
von Resnicow, K; Jackson, A; Braithwaite, R; DiIorio, C; Blisset, D; Rahotep, S; Periasamy, S
In: Health Education Research, 17 (2002), 5, p. 562-573
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...African-Americans (AAs) are significantly less likely to be physically active than other Americans, and, like all Americans, they consume fewer than the recommended five fruit and vegetable (F & V) se...

Keepin' it R.E.A.L.!: program description and results of baseline assessment
von DiIorio, C; Resnicow, K; Thomas, S; Wang, D T; Dudley, W N; Van Marter, D F; Lipana, J
In: Health Education and Behavior, 29 (2002), 1, p. 104-23
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...Presents the results of the analysis of the baseline data from Keepin' it R.E.A.L.!, an HIV prevention project developed for mothers and their adolescents. Six hundred and twelve mostly male and Afric...

Subsystems contributing to the decline in ability to walk: bridging the gap between epidemiology and geriatric practice in the InCHIANTI study
von Ferrucci, L; Bandinell, S; Benvenuti, E; Di Iorio, A; Macchi, C; Harris, T; Guralnik, J M
In: Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 48 (2000), 12, p. 1618-25

...Seeks to identify measures that clinicians can use to understand the causes of walking difficulties in older persons. Data collected in InCHIANTI will be used to identify the main risk factors that in...

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