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The Driving Expectancy Questionnaire: development, psychometric assessment and predictive utility among young drink-drivers
von Deery, H A; Love, A W
In: Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 57 (1996), 2, p. 193-202 : table refs

...The results revealed two factors of expectancies, driving skill and driving style, supporting the proposed model. The reliability, internal validity and relative independence of the factors were large...

The effect of a moderate dose of alcohol on the traffic hazard perception profile of young drink-drivers
von Deery, H A; Love, A W
In: Addiction, 91 (1996), 6, p. 815-27

...Studied young drivers across the spectrum of drink-driving practices, from non drink-drivers to DWI offenders. Examined alcohol's effect on their hazard perception profile, including aspects of both d...

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