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Schulsozialarbeit in den USA
von Costin, Lela B. (Hrsg.); Raab, Erich (Hrsg.)
Muenchen: Dt. Jugendinst., 1983. S. 178 : Literaturangaben 163 - 172

The politics of child abuse in America
von Costin, Lela B; and others
Oxford University Press, Inc. 1996. table(s), chart(s), index(es)

...Argues that child abuse is underreported in poor families and overreported in middle-class families; recommends establishment of a federal agency for protection of children; US....

Edith Abbott and the Chicago Influence on Social Work Education
von Costin, Lela B.
In: Social Service Review, 57 (1983), 1, p. 94-111
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...Edith Abbott exerted a significant & lasting influence on the shape of present-day social work education. A pioneer in professional social work & a close associate of Sophonisba P. Breckinridge, Edith...

Unraveling the Mary Ellen Legend: Origins of the "Cruelty" Movement
von Costin, Lela B.
In: Social Service Review, 65 (1991), 2, p. 203-223

...The myth & simplistic conviction that a solitary instance of child abuse led directly to a spontaneous & worldwide movement to protect children from harsh treatment -- "cruelty" -- at the hands of the...

Feminism, Pacifism, Internationalism and the 1915 International Congress of Women
von Costin, Lela B.
In: Women's Studies International Forum, 5 (1982), 3 -- 4, p. 301-315

...In a bold protest, participants at the 1915 International Congress of women, from both warring & neutral nations, took collective action across political boundaries to establish peace during WWI. Femi...

Cruelty to Children: A Dormant Issue and Its Rediscovery, 1920-1960
von Costin, Lela B.
In: Social Service Review, 66 (1992), 2, p. 177-198
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...After the "discovery" of child abuse in 1874 & the formation of the Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, child abuse disappeared from public consciousness as well as from the practice ...

Is the Family Neglectful or Neglected?
von Costin, Lela B.
In: Society, 24 (1987), p. 27-32

...The effects of poverty on the ability of US families to adequately care for their children are examined, with focus on F-headed minority households, who disproportionately bear poverty's burdens. The ...

School Social Work Practice: A New Model
von Costin, Lela B.
In: Social Work, 20 (1975), 2, p. 135-139

...A framework for transition into fuller involvement of school-community-pupil relations is described. Its purpose is to modify the institutional practice of public school education. Goals, focus, suppo...

In: Social Service Review, 38 (1964), 3, p. 271-280

...A study to investigate (1) the opinions of soc workers re the relative importance of certain values to soc work educ & (2) the expression of these values by soc work students themselves. The investiga...

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