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Implementing language policy for deaf students from Spanish-speaking homes: The case of agents in a Texas school district
von Compton, Sarah E.
In: Masters Abstracts International, 48 (2010), 05, 2607 p.

...Language policy implementation is a complex, multilayered process that produces both planned and unplanned outcomes. Understanding the policy implementation process can be achieved by identifying the ...

Somatic Complaints in Anxious Youth
von Crawley, Sarah A.; Caporino, Nicole E.; Birmaher, Boris; Ginsburg, Golda; Piacentini, John; Albano, Anne Marie; Sherrill, Joel; Sakolsky, Dara; Compton, Scott N.; Rynn, Moira; McCracken, James; Gosch, Elizabeth; Keeton, Courtney; March, John; Walkup, John T.; Kendall, Philip C.
In: Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 45 (2014), 4, p. 398-407

...This study examined (a) demographic and clinical characteristics associated with physical symptoms in anxiety-disordered youth and (b) the impact of cognitive-behavioral therapy (Coping Cat), medicati...

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