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Achieving Realistic Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions in U.S. Cities
von Blackhurst, Michael F.
In: Dissertation Abstracts International, A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 72 (2012), 07, 2606 p.

...In recognizing that energy markets and greenhouse gas emissions are significantly influences by local factors, this research examines opportunities for achieving realistic energy greenhouse gas emissi...

Energy savings and the rebound effect with multiple energy services and efficiency correlation
von Ghosh, Neal K.; Blackhurst, Michael F.
In: Ecological Economics, 105 (2014)

...The rebound effect, or the increased use of energy services following an increase in the efficiency of that service, is widely studied in the literature, but it is usually only considered in a single-...

An empirical analysis of joint residential electricity efficiency gains within and across end uses: implications for demand-side management
von Bouhou, Nour-El Imane; Blackhurst, Michael F.; Torres, Pamela
In: Ecological Economics, 110 (2015)

...To better understand the observed performance of demand-side approaches on residential electricity use, we develop and apply a mixed regression model of electricity consumption that includes marginal,...

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