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The first decade of ARTS: the congress years 1992-2000
von Adair, J G
In: International Journal of Psychology, 36 (2001), 3, p. 202-4

...Reviews past Advanced Research and Training Seminars (ARTS) and examines changes in the manner of selecting convenors and seminar topics, in the coordinator and convenor roles in the administration of...

Final report on ARTS 2000
von Adair, J G
In: International Journal of Psychology, 36 (2001), 3, p. 195-8

...Reports on the Advanced Research and Training Seminars (ARTS) program that was held in Sweden during July 2000, and examines from a broad perspective the status and changes in the program over the fir...

Final report on the advanced research and training seminars: ARTS98
von Adair, J G
In: International Journal of Psychology, 34 (1999), 4, p. 263-9

...Reports on the Advanced Research and Training Seminars held in July-August 1998, with some observations on the process of their organization, some problems that were encountered, and an evaluation of ...

Indigenisation of psychology: the concept and its practical implementation
von Adair, J G
In: Applied Psychology: An International Review, 48 (1999), 4, p. 403-18
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...Examines motivation underlying the indigenisation movement, semantic difficulties with the concept and models for indigenisation of the discipline. The commonly accepted building-block approach is of ...

Social cognition, artifact and the passing of the so-called crisis in social psychology
von Adair, J G
In: Canadian Psychology, 32 (1991), Jul 91, p. 445-50

...Analyses the place of cognitive science in social psychology, considering its emergence and the role it has played in the development of social psychology. (RSM)...

The use of references in Brazilian psychology journals reveals trends in thought and research
von Hutz, C S; Adair, J G
In: International Journal of Psychology, 31 (1996), 2, p. 145-9s

...Psychology began in Brazil in 1899 as an applied field in medicine and later in education. Reviews its development and comments on some of its idiosyncrasies....

The explosion of knowledge, references, and citations: psychology's unique response to a crisis
von Adair, J G; Vohra, N
In: American Psychologist, 58 (2003), 1, p. 15-23
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...Considers both researchers' difficulties in accessing and processing the vast amount of literature arising from the explosion of knowledge and the strategies such as electronic literature retrieval sy...

How international is psychology?
von Adair, J G; Coelho, A E L; Luna, J R
In: International Journal of Psychology, 37 (2002), 3, p. 160-70

...Counts by country were made of research contributions reported within PsychLIT and on the programs of International Congresses of Applied Psychology over the five years in which the congresses were he...

Indigenization and development of the discipline: perceptions and opinions of Indian and Bangladeshi psychologists
von Adair, J G; Pandey, J; Begum, H A; Puhan, B N
In: Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 26 (1995), 4, p. 392-407 : table refs

...Surveys were conducted of the attitudes and opinions of Indian and Bangladeshi psychologists. A series of questions assessed their perceptions of the intellectual climate within universities, their re...

Appropriate delegation: uncovering opportunities for improvement
von Keeling, B; Adair, J; Seider, D; Kirksey, G
In: American Journal of Nursing, 100 (2000), 12, 24A, 24C, 24D p.

...Considers how nurses can organise their workload efficiently, especially where unlicensed assistive personnel are used to avoid confusion and uncertainty. The key to successful delegation involves: as...

Pregnancy among urban African-American teens: ambivalence about prevention
von Crump, A D; Haynie, D L; Aarons, S J; Adair, E; Woodward, K; Simons-Morton, B G
In: American Journal of Health Behavior, 23 (1999), 1, p. 32-42

...Conducted focus groups with 37 nonparenting, African-American females 14-17 years old. Participants suggested that although pregnancy and parenting are best delayed until one is older, they are common...

Pregnancy among Urban African-American Teens: Ambivalence about Prevention
von Crump, Aria Davis; Haynie, Denise L.; Aarons, Sigrid J.; Adair, Elissa; Woodward, Kathy; Simons-Morton, Bruce G.
In: American Journal of Health Behavior, 23 (1999), 1, p. 32-42

...To better understand the beliefs & influences that predispose teen females to early pregnancy, 90-minute focus groups were conducted with 37 nonparenting African American females, ages 14-17, recruite...

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