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Migration in SEE and Integration with the EU: a policy perspective
Verfasser: Kancs, d'Artis (mehr...)
Erschienen: Berlin, 2009. 23 S. : 8 Abb.
(Working Paper Series of the Research Network 1989, 32)
Fachgebiet/e: Migration; Europapolitik
Themen: Flüchtling; Flüchtlingspolitik; Migration; Migrationspolitik; Südosteuropa; europäische Integration; EU-Politik; EU; EU-Erweiterung; Europa
Sprache: Englisch (EN)
Dokumenttyp: Arbeitspapier, Buch
EN: "Over the past decades the worldwide migration flows have been growing considerably. The Balkans embodies one of the most complicated migration and refugee issues in the entire world. Over 10 million of people - out of a total population of some 80 million in the Balkan Peninsula - have moved between 199 (mehr...)
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