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Institutional logic and legal practice: Modes of regulation of religious organizations in German prisons
Verfasser: Sarah J. Jahn
Erschienen in: Religious Diversity in European Prisons / Olivier Roy, Irene Becci. : Springer, 2015. 81-99
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-16778-7_6
Themen: Corporative religious freedom; Institutional logic; Germany; Prison; Legal practice; Religious organization
Sprache: Englisch (EN)
Dokumenttyp: Aufsatz, Sammelwerksbeitrag
Self Archive: The chapter explores how the constitutionally guaranteed right of corporative religious freedom is negotiated in German prisons. It does so by looking at the regulatory factors, such as structural and legal conditions, and by studying the religious groups’ modes of negotiating. These negotiations take (mehr...)
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