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International organizations in world politics
von Gutner, Tamar
Thousand Oaks/Cal: CQ Press, 2017. p. XII,287 +Ill., graph. Darst., Tab., Lit., Lit.Hinw. 237-263

...Chapter 1: Introduction . - Chapter 2: Intellectual Context: The Evolution of IO Theory . - Chapter 3: United Nations . - Chapter 4: United Nations Case Study: Rwanda/Genocide . - Chapter 5: The World...

Entwicklung von Professionalität pädagogischen Personals
von Gräsel, Cornelia (Hrsg.); Trempler, Kati (Hrsg.)
Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 2017. VII, 333 S.

...Der Forschungsschwerpunkt "Entwicklung von Professionalität des pädagogischen Personals in Bildungseinrichtungen" wird in diesem Band in Einzelbeiträgen zusammengefasst, in denen empirische Erkennt...

Säkularisierter Glaube Fallrekonstruktionen zur fortgeschrittenen Säkularisierung des Subjekts
von Manuel Franzmann
Beltz-Juventa 2017. 534 S.

...Was entsteht, wenn Religion vergeht? Wie sehen jene säkularisierten Glaubensvorstellungen aus, die laut der umstrittenen, in der Soziologie von Max Weber geprägten „Säkularisierungsthese“ an Ge...

Competing risks copula models for unemployment duration: an application to a German Hartz reform
von Lo, Simon M.S.; Stephan, Gesine; Wilke, Ralf A.
In: Journal of econometric methods, Vol. 6, No. 1 (2017), p. 1-20

..."The copula graphic estimator (CGE) for competing risks models has received little attention in empirical research, despite having been developed into a comprehensive research method. In this paper, w...

Time reclaimed: temporality and the experience of meaningful work
von Bailey, Catherine; Madden, Adrian
In: Work, employment and society, Vol. 31, No. 1 (2017), p. 3-18

..."The importance of meaningful work has been identified in scholarly writings across a range of disciplines. However, empirical studies remain sparse and the potential relevance of the concept of tempo...

The welfare state and the life course: examining the interrelationship between welfare arrangements and inequality dynamics
von de Graaf, Willibrord; Maier, Robert
In: Social Policy and Administration, Vol. 51, No. 1 (2017), p. 40-55

..."The transformation of welfare state arrangements in European countries during the last two decades can not only be described as realizing an activating welfare state, but also as centred on specific ...

A new kid in town? Active inclusion elements in European minimum income schemes
von Marchal, Sarah; Van Mechelen, Natascha
In: Social Policy and Administration, Vol. 51, No. 1 (2017), p. 171-194

..."This article assesses the current variation in activation strategies directed towards able-bodied persons of working age relying on a minimum income guarantee in 19 EU member states. First, we argue ...

Going the extra mile?: How street-level bureaucrats deal with the integration of immigrants
von Belabas, Warda; Gerrits, Lasse
In: Social Policy and Administration, Vol. 51, No. 1 (2017), p. 133-150

..."Dutch immigration and integration policies are being interpreted and implemented by local street-level bureaucrats. We carried out 28 semi-structured interviews with integration coaches, integration ...

Migrant care work going Dutch?: The emergence of a live-in migrant care market and the restructuring of the Dutch long-term care system
von Da Roit, Barbara; van Bochove, Marianne
In: Social Policy and Administration, Vol. 51, No. 1 (2017), p. 76-94

..."In recent years, a live-in migrant care (LIMC) market has emerged in European countries with specific care, migration, and employment regime features. In countries with relatively low levels of forma...

You can't always get what you want: actual and preferred ages of retirement in Europe
von Steiber, Nadia; Kohli, Martin
In: Ageing and Society, Vol. 37, No. 2 (2017), p. 352-385

..."Using data from the European Social Survey fielded in 2010/11, this study presents new evidence on retirement preferences in Europe. It investigates retirees' preferred and actual ages of retirement,...

By the sweat of their brow? The effects of starting work again after pension age on life satisfaction in Germany and the United Kingdom
von Lux, Thomas; Scherger, Simone
In: Ageing and Society, Vol. 37, No. 2 (2017), p. 295-324

..."In recent years, the employment rates of people of pension age have increased considerably. However, longitudinal evidence on the effects of this employment on wellbeing which might contribute to an ...

Equality for whom?: organizational policies and the gender gap across the German earnings distribution
von Huffman, Matt; King, Joseph; Reichelt, Malte
In: ILR Review, Vol. 70, No. 1 (2017), p. 16-41

..."Work establishments are critical for the creation and maintenance of gender inequality. Organizational practices, most notably those that formalize personnel systems or target gender inequality, are ...

Towards a multi-level approach on frontline interactions in the public sector: institutional transformations and the dynamics of real-time interactions
von Bruhn, Anders; Ekström, Mats
In: Social Policy and Administration, Vol. 51, No. 1 (2017), p. 195-215

..."This study develops a multi-level approach on frontline interactions in the public sector. Previous research suggests that detailed analyses of frontline interactions are essential to our understandi...

The hidden face of job insecurity
von Gallie, Duncan; Felstead, Alan; Green, Francis; Inanc, Hande
In: Work, employment and society, Vol. 31, No. 1 (2017), p. 36-53

..."Drawing on nationally representative data for British employees, the article argues for a more comprehensive concept of job insecurity, including not only job tenure insecurity but also job status in...

'Disappearing workers': Foxconn in Europe and the changing role of temporary work agencies
von Andrijasevic, Rutvica; Sacchetto, Devi
In: Work, employment and society, Vol. 31, No. 1 (2017), p. 54-70

..."This article investigates the role of temporary work agencies (TWAs) at Foxconn's assembly plants in the Czech Republic. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork, it shows TWAs' comprehensive management of ...

Neo-villeiny and the service sector: the case of hyper flexible and precarious work in fitness centres
von Harvey, Geraint; Rhodes, Carl; Vachhani, Sheena J.; Williams, Karen
In: Work, employment and society, Vol. 31, No. 1 (2017), p. 19-35

..."This article presents data from a comprehensive study of hyper flexible and precarious work in the service sector. A series of interviews were conducted with self-employed personal trainers along wit...

Unemployment rate cycles in Europe
von Cuestas, Juan Carlos; Gil-Alana, Luis Alberiko
In: Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 24, No. 2 (2017), p. 136-139

..."This article analyses the duration of cycles in the unemployment rate series in a group of EU countries. It extends the model by Bierens (2001) and follows Gil-Alana (2001) by allowing for fractional...

Work in and beyond the Second Machine Age: the politics of production and digital technologies
von Spencer, David
In: Work, employment and society, Vol. 31, No. 1 (2017), p. 142-152

..."Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, in their widely read and politically impactful book The Second Machine Age, highlight the costs and benefits of digital technologies for the volume and quality of...

Experts, firms, consumers or even hard data?: forecasting employment in Germany
von Lehmann, Robert; Wohlrabe, Klaus
In: Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 24, No. 4 (2017), p. 279-283

..."In this article, we forecast employment growth for Germany with data for the period from November 2008 to November 2015. Hutter and Weber (2015) introduced an innovative unemployment indicator and ev...

Assessing the impact of different workplace flexibilities on workplace stress in the presence of varying degrees of job control
von Cotti, Chad D.; Haley, M. Ryan; Miller, Laurie A.
In: Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 24, No. 3 (2017), p. 198-201

..."We apply probit and propensity score matching to 1667 respondents from the 2008 National Survey of the Changing Workforce to quantify how workers' self-reported stress levels vary under two different...

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