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Asia’s post-global financial crisis adjustment: a model-based dynamic scenario analysis
von Kawai, Masahiro; Zhai, Fan
In: Asian development review, 27 (2010)

...Using a dynamic global general equilibrium model, the paper assesses theshort- and medium-term impacts of the global financial crisis for Asianeconomies and the implications of post-crisis adjustment ...

New talent outlook
von Raynaud, Christine; Watkins, Chris
In: The China business review, 38 (2011)

...Survey results show that employees in China are demanding more work-life balance and greater responsibilitys...

A new labor era: higher costs and greater pressures
von Chen, Luming; Estreicher, Samuel
In: The China business review, 38 (2011)

...Companies should review employment practices and take a proactive posture on wages and unions to reduce the chances of labor unrest...

Vers une polarisation durable de la vie politique libanaise?
von Berthelot, Pierre
In: Maghreb, Machrek (2010)

...Lebanese Parliamentary elections of June 2009 appear to have established a polarization between “the pro-western” majority, and opposition considered close to the syrian-iranian axis. We must rema...

L'accord de Doha du 21 mai 2008: accord de droit inter(-)national
von Mouannès, Hiam
In: Maghreb, Machrek (2010)

...Signed on May 21st, 2008 wit the aim to end the crisis in Lebanon, the Doha Agreement involved the USA, France, the Emirates, Bahrain, Algeria, the Sultanat of Oman, Jordan, Morocco, Syria and Iran. T...

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