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Korea journal
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Voters and parties in local elections: 1995-2006
von Hwang Ah-ran
In: Korea journal, 46 (2006)

...The revival of local autonomy in the wake of democratization was conceived to signal a potentially successful decentralized democracy in Korea. However, in reality, almost half of all eligible voters ...

"Doing philosophy" on the periphery
von Lee, Seung-hwan
In: Korea journal, 47 (2007)

...In this article, the author tries to articulate why contemporary Korean philosophy is satisfied with simply translating and mimicking Western theories from a historical and cultural psychological poin...

Academic dependency: Western-centrism in Korean political sector
von Kang, Jung In
In: Korea journal, 46 (2006)

...This paper deals with the academic dependency of Korean political science in light of Western-centrism. Contemporary Korean social sciences have been introduced and developed under the overwhelming in...

Korean Protestantism as viewed by netizens: a focus on recent activities of anti-Christian sites
von Lee, Jin-gu
In: Korea journal, 44 (2004)

...A recent online anti-Christianity campaign in Korea has been taking place against the backdrop of the rapid spread of Internet culture, a boost in "anti culture," and Protestant fundamentalists' aggre...

Korean Protestant churches' attitude towards war: with a special focus on the Vietnam War
von Ryu, Dae-Young
In: Korea journal, 44 (2004)

...The modern history of Christianity has witnessed an increasing uneasiness with the traditional doctrine of a "just war." Nonetheless, until quite recently, Korean Protestant churches appeared to know ...

[Emergence of cyberculture in Korea]
von Chang, Pil-wha; Lee, Insook; Baek, Seung-Ik; Whang, Leo Sang-min; Kim, Hyunhee; Kim, Byoung Suk; Yun, Young Min
In: Korea journal, 43 (2003)

...Yun Young Min: An analysis of cyber-electioneering : focusing on the 2002 presidential election in Korea. - S. 141...

Organizing dissent against authoritarianism: the South Korean student movement in the 1980s
von Park, Mi
In: Korea journal, 45 (2005)

...This article deals with the main ideas and activities of antigovernment student activists in South Korea in the 1980s. The article argues that the South Korean student movement displayed great inventi...

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