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Intercultural communication is a factor of education?
von Sabo, Helena Maria
In: Educatia 21 (2011), 9, [12 p. ] : Literaturangaben [12 p.]

...Alternative constructivism is considered to be possible theoretical ground for dealing with education as a factor of intercultural education. Therefore the introductory part of the text takes it into ...

Characteristics of educational policies from the perspective of interculturality
von Trif, Letitia
In: Educatia 21 (2011), 9, p. [1]-9 : Literaturangaben 9

...The European Council's Recommendation relating to teacher training in education for intercultural understanding, highlights the fact that the purpose of international education, which is above intercu...

Action and research opportunities in education. The multicultural dimension
von Stanciu, Ionut-Dorin
In: Educatia 21 (2011), 9, [14 p. ] : Tabellen; Literaturangaben

...Die Regeln positivistischer Wissenschaft erfordern, dass die Bildungsforschung dieselben Standards für Gültigkeit und Genauigkeit erfüllt, wie jene, denen quantitative Forschungsmethoden zugrunde l...

Psychological and educational aspects of bilingualism. An opportunity for the Romanian educational practice and research
von Stanciu, Ionut-Dorin
In: Educatia 21 (2011), 9, [12 p. ] : Tabellen; Literaturangaben

...Zweisprachigkeit ist ein weithin beachtetes Thema in der Bildungsforschung und findet Berücksichtigung im Kontext der Lissabon-Strategie der Europäischen Union. Zahlreiche Theorien laufen in Richtun...

Scientific thinking and environmental education as factors of innovation in literature for children
von Filograsso, Ilaria; Viola, Tito Vezio
In: Educatia 21 (2012), 10, [16 p. ]

...In children's literature science and nature have traditionally played the role of a narrative device, a landscape background for the setting where to let speaking animal characters act. It is only sin...

Moral and religios training - education students for environmental
von Opris, Monica; Opris, Dorin
In: Educatia 21 (2012), 10, [8 p. ]

...The issue of environmental education is one of the most important issues for the contemporary world. The human relationship with the environment and especially, the human attitude towards it seemed a ...

Promoting education for the environment through integrated and complex educational therapy with pupils suffering from sever mental deficiency
von Precub, Flavia Corina
In: Educatia 21 (2012), 10, [11 p. ]

...Owing to a sustained economic activity in the recent years the environment has suffered from the increasing rate of [pollution]. In addition to this there is a lack of education concerning the protect...

Some concepts of environmental education and values
von Sabo, Helena Maria
In: Educatia 21 (2012), 10, [14 p. ]

...In [the] article, [the author] will try to make the analysis and to exemplify educational as well as teaching theories of the specific and more difficult issues of scientific education concerning ecol...

Environmental education and eco-pedagogy
von Sabo, Helena Maria
In: Educatia 21 (2012), 10, [9 p. ]

...One of the new components of the education is the environmental education, a new education which is seen as an act of diversion by human society today, a more rational use of the natural resources for...

Environmental education in the context of the Romanian education reform
von Tausan, Liana
In: Educatia 21 (2012), 10, [11 p. ]

...Environmental education is not just a form of education, a tool for solving environmental problems or for managing natural resources. It is a process of an essential dimension in recognizing the envir...

New curriculum for motivation and induction in teacher career
von Panisoara, Ion-Ovidiu; Panisoara, Georgeta
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 7-19 : Tabellen; Literaturangaben 18-19

...The success of the school is directly consonant with induction and retention of the most valuable human resources in school. The present article proposes to the scientists and practitioners from educa...

The curriculum reform in Romania
von Sabo, Helena Maria
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 20-27 : Literaturangaben 26-27

...The curriculum reform is an essential component of a comprehensive education reform. In Romania, after 1989, a priority in education policy was the revision of educational content and school laws. The...

From educational policies to curricular policies within Romanian pre-university educational system
von Tausan, Liana
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 28-42 : Literaturangaben 41-42

...Among the priority objectives of the Romanian educational policy, highlighted after 1990, which are convergent with the objectives of the European dimension, we may note: the democratization of the Ro...

The role of interactive didactic methods in the context of contemporary curricular paradigm
von Stan, Cristian; Manea, Adriana Denisa
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 50-57 : grafische Darstellungen; Tabellen; Literaturangaben 57

...The features of the contemporary education space involve the necessity to analyze the place and the role of interactive didactic methods. At the bottom of this reinterpretation process are to be found...

Ranking of universities as a threat: adverse effects of competition between higher education institutions
von Bocos, Musata; Gherghin, Gelu
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 67-86 : grafische Darstellungen; Tabellen; Literaturangaben 84-86

...In a knowledge-based society, academic rankings are increasingly important. Compiled worldwide, they measure the availability of new fundamental resources - the knowledge and reflect, ultimately, the ...

Visual arts curriculum as a support for creative behaviour configuration in primary school children
von Radut-Taciu, Ramona; Câmpean, Adriana
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 87-94 : Literaturangaben 84

...Die Welt in der wir leben, zeigt oft, dass Menschen ihre täglichen Aktivitäten unter dem Einfluss von zwischenmenschlichen und, vor allem, sozialen Faktoren organisieren. Das Erkennen von Einflussme...

Environmental education in the kindergarten, a need in the Romanian curriculum
von Sabo, Helena Maria; Span, Rudolf
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 95-100 : Literaturangaben 100

...Nature protection is increasingly becoming one of the most important concerns of contemporary society and of three major issues: deterioration prevention, environmental remediation actions and environ...

Results of the differentiated instruction by using eductional soft[ware] applied for a teaching unit from the 10th grade physics curriculum
von Lung, Liliana Dana
In: Educatia 21 (2010), 8, p. 101-108 : grafische Darstellungen; Tabellen; Literaturangaben 108

...The present paper is meant to point out the qualitative and quantitative results of a didactic experiment within an intersubject design on samples of students in the 10th grade from Grup Scolar Materi...

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