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European Commission policy in the framework of the information services market
von De Bruïne, R F
In: Journal of Government Information, 21 (1994), p. 15-24 : table(s), chart(s)

...Describes the Information Market Policy Actions (IMPACT) program to improve access to electronic information sources; 1989-90....

A state transition model of United States congressional information
von Richardson, John; Zarnosky, Margaret R
In: Journal of Government Information, 21 (1994), p. 25-35 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Proposes changes to various government document formats to simplify research....

The U.S. decennial census: an agenda for change
von Mihm, J Christopher
In: Journal of Government Information, 21 (1994), p. 49-58 : chart(s)

...Proposals for a more cost-effective census in 2000. Includes issues of the census address list, public cooperation, and costly fieldwork....

The message of the medium: the risks and opportunities of migrating pre-electronic government information products to the Internet
von Horton, Forest Woody
In: Journal of Government Information, 28 (2001), 1, p. 1-20 : il(s)

...Discusses major findings and recommendations of a study by the US National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS), entitled "Assessment of electronic government information products";...

Engendering mutual respect, strengthening the bonds of unity, and underscoring inevitable interdependence among Nigerian peoples: an analysis of Nigerian government information on official visits
von Moses, Sibyl E
In: Journal of Government Information, 28 (2001), 1, p. 21-108 : bibl(s)

...Identifies, analyzes, and describes published government information on international, interstate, and intrastate official visits; includes appendix of guide to materials, including locations....

Computerized and networked government information: Carnivore
von Stratford, Jean Slemmons; Stratford, Juri
In: Journal of Government Information, 28 (2001), 1, p. 109-112

...Describes controversies over legality of the FBI's Internet surveillance system designed to collect electronic communication per court order, in cooperation with an Internet Service Provider (ISP); re...

Promoting European Union depository collections in the United States through bibliographic instruction
von Van Ullen, Mary K; LaFond, Deborah M
In: Journal of Government Information, 27 (2000), 3, p. 325-343 : il(s), chart(s)
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...Surveys 41 of the US European Union depository libraries about the scope and coverage of their bibliographic instruction programs and their promotional efforts....

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board's first decade
von Chapman, Bert
In: Journal of Government Information, 27 (2000), 3, p. 345-383

...Overview of the DNFSB's activities, 1989-99; discusses relationship and interaction with the Department of Energy (DOE) and congressional oversight committees as well as recommendations on nuclear saf...

The availability of US government depository publications on the World Wide Web
von Lopresti, Robert; Gorin; , Marcia
In: Journal of Government Information, 29 (2002), 1, p. 17-29 : bibl(s), il(s), table(s)

...Examines the prevalence of US government information available on the Internet, based on data from four searches for publications received in federal depository libraries, conducted from June 2000-Nov...

Government information of the People's Republic of China on the Internet
von Wang, Rui
In: Journal of Government Information, 29 (2002), 1, p. 31-37

...Discusses China's Internet policy, and efforts to provide government information; includes an annotated list of local and national Web sites, mostly from inside China....

Square peg in a round hole: electronic information and the Federal Depository Library Program
von Ryan, Susan M
In: Journal of Government Information, 24 (1997), p. 361-375

...Examines history of electronic products in the depository program, redefinition of dissemination of government information in an electronic environment, and future of the FDLP....

Information technology adoption in Jordanian public sector organizations
von Ahmad, Alaa-Aldin A; Zink, Steven D
In: Journal of Government Information, 25 (1998), p. 117-134 : table(s)

...Examines adoption and use of computing in various agencies, related hardware, staffing, and software, and emerging Internet activity....

Cryptography and public policy
von Lin, Herbert S
In: Journal of Government Information, 25 (1998), p. 135-148

...Policy recommendations on encryption technologies and products, with special reference to export controls and information technology; includes policy developments, May 1996 to mid-1997; US. Reprinted ...

National Library of Nigeria at 30: its history and prospects for the future
von Enyia, Chris O
In: Journal of Government Information, 25 (1998), p. 149-159 : table(s)

...Examines the growth, programs, problems, achievements, and prospects of the Library....

Testing the constitutionality of U.S. licensing of news gathering and researchers traveling to Cuba
von Nichols, John Spicer
In: Journal of Government Information, 25 (1998), p. 225-261

...Discusses the author and two colleagues' Dec. 1994 legal challenge, in which they traveled to Cuba without Treasury licenses, in order to test the constitutionality of the regulations....

The republic of federal scientific publication: the not-so-public domain
von Walters, John Spencer
In: Journal of Government Information, 25 (1998), p. 331-351

...Examines the Office of Scientific Research and Development's method of conducting federal scientific research, its contracts with private enterprise, and impact on government publication, 1940s-1960s;...

Traveling uncharted waters: the exchange of government information between the United States and China
von Wang, Rui
In: Journal of Government Information, 25 (1998), p. 353-358

...Examines challenges to the exchange program for official publications between the US Libuary of Congress and the National Library of China posed by the shift to electronic formats in the US and govern...

Notable documents issue
von Maxymuk, John (ed.)
In: Journal of Government Information, 26 (1999), 6, p. 613-745 : bibl(s)

...Annotated bibliography of government publications and electronic resources; US federal, state, and local publications and resources of other national governments, the UN, and other international organ...

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