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Colleen's Story: Reflections on the Concept of 'Patient and Family Centered Care'
von McGavin, Colleen
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 19 (2013), 4, p. 418-430

...As a patient who has also been a family caregiver, I would like to offer my reflections on the concept of 'patient and family centered care.' How is it defined from a patient perspective? Why is it im...

'I Knew From Day One That I'm Either Gonna Fight This Thing or Be Defeated': African American Parents' Experiences of Coping With Breast Cancer
von Kissil, Karni; Nino, Alba; Ingram, Mary; Davey, Maureen
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 1, p. 98-119
Referenzen: 43

...Few studies have explored how African American parents navigate breast cancer while parenting their school-age children. This focus-group study examined how African American parents cope with the diag...

'Close-Knit' Defines a Healthy Native American Indian Family
von Martin, Donna; Yurkovich, Eleanor
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 1, p. 51-72
Referenzen: 10

...In the United States, the most significant health disparities occur among members of the American Indian and Alaskan Native populations. Because their health beliefs, values, and cultural practices ar...

Strengths-Oriented Therapeutic Conversations for Families of Children With Chronic Illnesses: Findings From the Landspitali University Hospital Family Nursing Implementation Project
von Svavarsdottir, Erla Kolbrun; Sigurdardottir, Anna Olafia; Tryggvadottir, Gudny Bergthora
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 1, p. 13-50
Referenzen: 35

...Psychosocial services have been recommended for families of children with chronic illnesses to assist them in adjusting to the illness experience. However, little is known about the benefit of psychos...

Effects of Self-Care on Quality of Life in Adults With Heart Failure and Their Spousal Caregivers: Testing Dyadic Dynamics Using the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
von Vellone, Ercole; Chung, Misook L.; Cocchieri, Antonello; Rocco, Gennaro; Alvaro, Rosaria; Riegel, Barbara
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 1, p. 120-141
Referenzen: 59

...Emotions are contagious in couples. The purpose of this study was to analyze the manner in which adults with chronic heart failure (HF) and their informal caregivers influence each other's self-care b...

Will Talking About It Make It Worse? Facilitating Family Conversations in the Context of Chronic and Life-Shortening Illness
von Imber-Black, Evan
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 2, p. 151-163
Referenzen: 2

...This article explores secrecy and openness in the context of chronic and life-shortening illness. Illustrated by clinical work with families at the Center for Families and Health at the Ackerman Insti...

Children's Cancer Camps: A Sense of Community, a Sense of Family
von Laing, Catherine M.; Moules, Nancy J.
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 2, p. 185-203
Referenzen: 18

...Childhood cancer is a family affair, and each year in Canada, approximately 1,400 children and adolescents under the age of 20 are diagnosed with cancer. Innumerable challenges accompany this diagnosi...

Making Self-Care a Priority for Women At Risk of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema
von Radina, M. Elise; Armer, Jane M.; Stewart, Bob R.
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 2, p. 226-249
Referenzen: 38

...Estimates suggest that between 41% and 94% of breast cancer survivors may develop the chronic condition of secondary lymphedema at some point during their lifetimes. Self-care is critical for effectiv...

A Survey of Nurses' Practices and Perceptions of Family-Centered Care in Ireland
von Coyne, Imelda; Murphy, Maryanne; Costello, Thomas; O'Neill, Colleen; Donnellan, Claire
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 19 (2013), 4, p. 469-488

...Family-centered care (FCC) is a philosophy of care that recognizes the family's central role in the child's life and in the delivery of care. We used a survey design to investigate the practices and p...

The Parents', Hospitalized Child's, and Health Care Providers' Perceptions and Experiences of Family Centered Care Within a Pediatric Critical Care Setting: A Metasynthesis of Qualitative Research
von Foster, Mandie Jane; Whitehead, Lisa; Maybee, Patricia; Cullens, Victoria
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 19 (2013), 4, p. 431-468

...The delivery of family centered care (FCC) occurs within varied pediatric care settings with a belief that this model of care meets the psychosocial, emotional, and physical needs of the hospitalized ...

Being the Parent of a Ventilator-Assisted Child: Perceptions of the Family-Health Care Provider Relationship When Care Is Offered in the Family Home
von Lindahl, Berit; Lindblad, Britt-Marie
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 19 (2013), 4, p. 489-508

...The number of medically fragile children cared for at home is increasing; however, there are few studies about the professional support these families receive in their homes. The aim of the study was ...

'I Tell My Partner Everything . . . (or Not)': Patients' Perceptions of Sharing Heart-Related Information with Their Partner
von Checton, Maria G.; Greene, Kathryn
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 2, p. 164-184
Referenzen: 38

...This study is grounded in theories of information management. Patients with a diagnosed heart-related condition (N = 253) completed a survey regarding their perceptions of sharing/not sharing informat...

Freedom and Imperative: Mutual Care Between Older Spouses With Physical Disabilities
von Torge, Cristina Joy
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 2, p. 204-225
Referenzen: 38

...This article explores mutual caregiving between older spouses aging with physical disabilities. Nine older couples, where both partners had lived long lives with physical disabilities, were interviewe...

Invisible Hands: The Role of Highly Involved Families in Long-Term Residential Care
von Baumbusch, Jennifer; Phinney, Alison
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 20 (2014), 1, p. 73-97
Referenzen: 27

...Care work by family and friends is recognized as a cornerstone of community-based care for older adults; however, the role of families in institutional-based care work has been less well understood an...

The content of African American mothers' discussions with their adolescents about sex
von DiIorio, C; Hockenberry-Eaton, M; Maibach, E; Rivero, T
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 2 (1996), 4, p. 365-82s
Zitiert von: 4

...Using a focus group approach, sought to explore the role of African American mothers in the education of their adolescents about sexuality including the provision of factual information and transmissi...

Lesbian and gay family issues
von Eliason, M J
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 2 (1996), 1, p. 10-29s
Zitiert von: 4

...Reviews current knowledge about lesbian and gay family structures and health care needs and health care provider attitudes, and suggests strategies for the family nurses who may work with these famili...

Support, communication, and hardiness in families with children with disabilities
von Olsen, S F; Marshall, E S; Mandleco, B L; Allred, K W; Dyches, T T; Sansom, N
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 5 (1999), 3, p. 275-91
Zitiert von: 2

...Examines how support and communication are related to hardiness in families who have young children with disabilities. Among demographic variables, family income was positively correlated with family ...

Family functioning and motivation for childbearing among HIV-infected women at increased risk for pregnancy
von Latham, B C; Sowell, R L; Phillips, K D; Murdaugh, C
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 7 (2001), 4, p. 345-70

...Examined family composition and functioning in a cohort of HIV-infected women of reproductive age living in the southern United States. Multiple regression analysis showed that level of education, lif...

Perceptions of health status and the relationship with abuse history and mental health in low-income single mothers
von Lutenbacher, M
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 6 (2000), 4, p. 320-40
Zitiert von: 2

...Examines the relationships among maternal abuse experiences, psychosocial factors, and perceptions of health status in a sample of 59 low-income mothers with young children. Nurses working with low-in...

Predicting family health in families of young adults with severe mental illness
von Doornbos, M M
In: Journal of Family Nursing, 8 (2002), 3, p. 241-63

...Based upon the perspective of 126 family caregivers from National Alliance for the Mentally Ill chapters across the United States, sought to identify the best predictors of family health from among se...

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