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Initiating growth hormone therapy for children and adolescents
von Acerini, Carlo; Albanese, Assunta; Casey, Angela; Denvir, Louise; Jones, Julie; Mathew, Verghese; Musson, Pauline; Sparrow, Susan
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 18, p. 1091-1097

...It is common for children and adolescents on growth hormone (GH) treatment to miss one or more injections per week, thereby compromising their linear growth outcome. Among factors likely to affect tre...

Reducing avoidable pressure ulcers: an online clinical ordering system
von Acton, Claire
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 20, p. S4-S8

...Healthcare practitioners face diverse challenges presented by an ageing population, reducing funds, public demand for better health care, and a zero tolerance to avoidable healthcare-acquired injuries...

The rollercoaster of life as a student nurse
von Airey, Jo
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 19, 1170 p.

...Airey looks back over her 2 years of studying and remembers the mentors, colleagues and patients who influenced her journey to become a nurse. She recalls that the past 2 years have been a roller coas...

Parents' experiences of their child's first anaesthetic in day surgery
von Andersson, Lisbet; Johansson, Ingrid; Osterberg, Sofia Almerud
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 20, p. 1204-1210

...Parents play an important part in their child's anesthesia. When a child has to receive anesthesia, it is of great importance that parents are there by his/her side as children depend on them for supp...

Professional standards within urology nursing
von Aslet, Philippa
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 18, S3 p.

...Aslet talks about certification of urology specialist nurses. The Department of Health created a competency document for advanced practice nursing, which will be useful to ensure nurses are working at...

Preventing needlestick injuries
von Aziz, Ann-Marie
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 21, S4 p.

...There are a number of existing and new laws that require employers to protect health professionals from sharps injuries. The overarching law is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This places gene...

Sporting for people with a learning disability
von Bailey, Carol; Ball, Jo; Chapman, Julie; Kingston, Karen
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 16, p. 978-979

...The 2012 Olympic Games in London have been raising awareness nationally about the importance o. sport for everyone in the population, reminding people of the message delivered by the Department of Hea...

Students' experiences of electronic health records in practice
von Baillie, Lesley; Chadwick, Sandra; Mann, Robert; Brooke-Read, Melanie
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 21, p. 1262-1269

...The purpose of the study was to investigate nursing and midwifery students' experiences of electronic health records (EHRs) in practice. As EHRs are increasingly being implemented in the NHS, student ...

Disability discrimination should not be tolerated
von Barber, Christopher
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 22, 1302 p.

...Barber asserts that disability discrimination should not be tolerated. There are many within the society who may feel vulnerable and powerless because they are discriminated against because they have ...

Mepitel(TM) One: a wound contact layer with Safetac(TM) technology
von Barrett, Simon
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 21, p. 1271-1277

...This article examines the use of Mepitel(TM) One, a wound contact layer that promotes wound healing by using the clinical benefits of Safetac(TM) technology. A wide range of clinical evidence shows th...

Improving clinical leadership in stoma care
von Barwell, Julie; McDonald, Alison
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 16, S3 p.

...Here, Osborne says some have defined leadership as influencing people to achieve a purpose or goal. Leaders can be managers, but not all managers make effective leaders. There is some consensus that l...

Addressing appearance-related distress across clinical conditions
von Bessell, Alyson; Dures, Emma; Semple, Cherith; Jackson, Sue
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 19, p. 1138-1143

...Evidence is accumulating about the nature and prevalence of appearance-related distress across a variety of clinical populations. Health professionals working with specific patient groups are often aw...

Patients' perspectives on timing of urinary catheter removal after surgery
von Bhardwaj, Rashmi; Pickard, Robert; Carrick-Sen, Debbie; Brittain, Katie
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 18, p. S4-S9

...A prolonged catheter duration is a major risk factor for catheter-associated urinary tract infection, with bacteriuria increasing by 5% per day. In this study, the authors explored patients' perceptio...

Issues of patient sexuality in nurse education
von Billington, Tracey
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 18, 1109 p.

...Billington talks about the complexities of patient's sexual health and the need for this area to be taken more seriously by the nursing profession, beginning with its inclusion and emphasis in the nur...

Facing the final year and reflecting on the journey
von Botten, Emma Louise
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 17, 104 p.

...Botten, a student nurse at King's College Hospital, reflects on the first two years of training and considers what the future holds, in terms of the final year, and her fast-approaching career as a qu...

Writing your dissertation: where to start
von Botten, Emma Louise
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 22, 1323 p.

...Emma Louise Botten is a third year BSc mental health nursing student. As she approaches her dissertation deadline, she considers ways of overcoming the difficulties in the early stages that have helpe...

Medicines non-adherence: adult literacy and implications for practice
von Bowskill, Dianne; Garner, Lucy
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 19, p. 1156-1159

...Functional health literacy is defined as the level at which individuals can obtain, process and understand basic health information (Martin et al, 2009). Government statistics suggest low functional h...

Enhanced recovery and nurse-led telephone follow-up post surgery
von Burch, Jennie
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 16, p. S24-S29

...Here, Burch presents a study of a nurse-led telephone follow-up that was undertaken for patients after major colorectal surgery on the enhanced recovery program following their discharge, with the aim...

In defence of the National Health Service
von Burnham, Andy
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 17, 1010 p.

...As the Government takes the flack for the chaotic implementation of its re-organization of NHS structures, the real agenda behind it is starting to emerge. Burham opines that David Cameron's plans are...

Erasmus over 25 years -- and a Swedish experience
von Campbell, Anne
In: British Journal of Nursing, 21 (2012), 18, 1060 p.

...Campbell talks about his experience of Erasmus program. The University of Hertfordshire has been involved with Erasmus staff and student exchanges for many years. In 2010-11, 35 teaching staff from He...

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