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Randomized controlled trial to assess the short-term effectiveness of tailored web- and text-based facilitation of smoking cessation in primary care (iQuit in Practice)
von Naughton, Felix; Jamison, James; Boase, Sue; Sloan, Melanie; Gilbert, Hazel; Prevost, A. Toby; Mason, Dan; Smith, Susan; Brimicombe, James; Evans, Robert; Sutton, Stephen
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 7, p. 1184-1193

...To estimate the short-term effectiveness, feasibility and acceptability of a smoking cessation intervention (the iQuit system) that consists of tailored printed and Short Message Service (SMS) text me...

Cross-sectional and prospective relation of cannabis potency, dosing and smoking behaviour with cannabis dependence: an ecological study
von van der Pol, Peggy; Liebregts, Nienke; Brunt, Tibor; van Amsterdam, Jan; de Graaf, Ron; Korf, Dirk J; van den Brink, Wim; van Laar, Margriet
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 7, p. 1101-1109

...Increased delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentrations in cannabis may lead to higher THC exposure, cannabis dependence and treatment need, but users may also adapt the actual intake of THC throu...

Maintenance treatment for opioid dependence with slow-release oral morphine: a randomized cross-over, non-inferiority study versus methadone
von Beck, Thilo; Haasen, Christian; Verthein, Uwe; Walcher, Stephan; Schuler, Christoph; Backmund, Markus; Ruckes, Christian; Reimer, Jens
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 4, p. 617-626

...Aims To compare the efficacy of slow-release oral morphine (SROM) and methadone as maintenance medication for opioid dependence in patients previously treated with methadone. Design Prospective, multi...

Real-world effectiveness of e-cigarettes when used to aid smoking cessation: a cross-sectional population study
von Brown, Jamie; Beard, Emma; Kotz, Daniel; Michie, Susan; West, Robert
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 9, p. 1531-1540

...Background and Aims Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are rapidly increasing in popularity. Two randomized controlled trials have suggested that e-cigarettes can aid smoking cessation, but there ar...

Country- and individual-level determinants of probable problematic gambling in adolescence: a multi-level cross-national comparison
von Molinaro, Sabrina; Canale, Natale; Vieno, Alessio; Lenzi, Michela; Siciliano, Valeria; Gori, Mercedes; Santinello, Massimo
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 12, p. 2089-2097

...Aims To estimate the role of family and socio-economic indicators of welfare state in accounting for probable problem gambling during adolescence in a representative sample of students living in nine ...

Favourite alcohol advertisements and binge drinking among adolescents: a cross-cultural cohort study
von Morgenstern, Matthis; Sargent, James D; Sweeting, Helen; Faggiano, Fabrizio; Mathis, Federica; Hanewinkel, Reiner
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 12, p. 2005-2015

...Aims To investigate the association between having a favourite alcohol advertisement and binge drinking among European adolescents. Design Data were obtained from a longitudinal observational study on...

Truth or consequences in the diagnosis of substance use disorders
von Martin, Christopher S.; Langenbucher, James W.; Chung, Tammy; Sher, Kenneth J.
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1773-1778

...Aims This commentary critically evaluates the use of substance-related negative psychosocial and health consequences to define and diagnose alcohol and other substance use disorders. Methods Narrative...

Recalling the past: probation officers work with drug misusers during the 1960s
von Sparrow, Paul
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1794-1800

...Aims Britain's first wave of non-therapeutic drug users during the 1960s were more likely to come into contact with the criminal courts than previous, therapeutic, drug users. This paper recounts the ...

Electronic cigarettes: review of use, content, safety, effects on smokers and potential for harm and benefit
von Hajek, Peter; Etter, Jean-Francois; Benowitz, Neal; Eissenberg, Thomas; McRobbie, Hayden
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1801-1810

...Aims We reviewed available research on the use, content and safety of electronic cigarettes (EC), and on their effects on users, to assess their potential for harm or benefit and to extract evidence t...

Do doctors' smoking habits influence their smoking cessation practices? A systematic review and meta-analysis
von Duaso, Maria J.; McDermott, Mairtin S.; Mujika, Agurtzane; Purssell, Edward; While, Alison
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1811-1823

...Aims To assess the association between doctors' smoking status and the use of the '5As' of smoking cessation. Methods A systematic search of 11 databases covering English and Spanish language publicat...

Early age of alcohol initiation is not the cause of alcohol use disorders in adulthood, but is a major indicator of genetic risk. A population-based twin study
von Ystrom, Eivind; Kendler, Kenneth S.; Reichborn-Kjennerud, Ted
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1824-1832

...Background and aims An early age of alcohol initiation (AAI) is associated with and has been hypothesized to be a cause of alcohol use disorders (AUD) in adulthood. Results from twin studies, however,...

Does stage tailoring matter in brief alcohol interventions for job-seekers? A randomized controlled trial
von Freyer-Adam, Jennis; Baumann, Sophie; Schnuerer, Inga; Haberecht, Katja; Bischof, Gallus; John, Ulrich; Gaertner, Beate
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1845-1856

...Aims To investigate whether or not a stage tailored intervention is more effective than a non-stage tailored intervention of the same intensity in reducing alcohol use among job-seekers with unhealthy...

Adolescent alcohol use: a reflection of national drinking patterns and policy?
von Bendtsen, Pernille; Damsgaard, Mogens Trab; Huckle, Taisia; Casswell, Sally; Kuntsche, Emmanuel; Arnold, Petra; Looze, Margreet E.; Hofmann, Felix; Hublet, Anne; Simons-Morton, Bruce; Bogt, Tom; Holstein, Bjorn E.
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1857-1868

...Aims To analyse how adolescent drunkenness and frequency of drinking were associated with adult drinking patterns and alcohol control policies. Design, Setting and Participants Cross-sectional survey ...

Efficacy of motivational enhancement therapy on alcohol use disorders in patients with chronic hepatitis C: a randomized controlled trial
von Dieperink, Eric; Fuller, Bret; Isenhart, Carl; McMaken, Kelly; Lenox, Rebecca; Pocha, Christine; Thuras, Paul; Hauser, Peter
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1869-1877

...Aims To determine the efficacy of motivational enhancement therapy (MET) on alcohol use in patients with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) and an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Design Randomized, single-blind,...

The relationship between US heroin market dynamics and heroin-related overdose, 1992-2008
von Unick, George; Rosenblum, Daniel; Mars, Sarah; Ciccarone, Daniel
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1889-1898

...Background and Aims Heroin-related overdose is linked to polydrug use, changes in physiological tolerance and social factors. Individual risk can also be influenced by the structural risk environment ...

Neurofunctional changes in adolescent cannabis users with and without bipolar disorder
von Bitter, Samantha M.; Adler, Caleb M.; Eliassen, James C.; Weber, Wade A.; Welge, Jeffrey A.; Burciaga, Joaquin; Shear, Paula K.; Strakowski, Stephen M.; DelBello, Melissa P.
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1901-1909

...Aims To compare regional brain activation among adolescents with bipolar disorder and co-occurring cannabis use disorder. Design Cross-sectional study. Setting Cincinnati, OH, USA. Participants Adoles...

Longitudinal patterns of problematic computer game use among adolescents and adults-a 2-year panel study
von Scharkow, Michael; Festl, Ruth; Quandt, Thorsten
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1910-1917

...Aims To investigate the longitudinal patterns (stability and change) of problematic computer game use and its interdependencies with psychosocial wellbeing in different age groups. Design Three-wave, ...

The allure of multi-line games in modern slot machines
von Dixon, Mike J.; Graydon, Candice; Harrigan, Kevin A.; Wojtowicz, Lisa; Siu, Vivian; Fugelsang, Jonathan A.
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1920-1928

...Aims In multi-line slot machines, players can wager on more than one line per spin. We sought to show that players preferred multi-line over single-line games, and that certain game features could cau...

Role of smoking in regional variation in mortality in Poland
von Muszyska, Magdalena M.; Fihel, Agnieszka; Janssen, Fanny
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 11, p. 1931-1941

...Aims We assess the effect of smoking on regional disparities in mortality in Poland and its contribution to the change in regional disparities during the last two decades. Design, Setting and Particip...

Vested interests in addiction research and policy. Alcohol brand sponsorship of events, organizations and causes in the United States, 2010-2013
von Belt, Olivia; Stamatakos, Korene; Ayers, Amanda J.; Fryer, Victoria A.; Jernigan, David H.; Siegel, Michael
In: Addiction, 109 (2014), 12, p. 1977-1985

...Background and Aims There has been insufficient research attention to the alcohol industry's use of corporate sponsorship as a marketing tool. This paper provides a systematic investigation of the nat...

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