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The development of a school-based psychotherapy service for adolescents
von Dyer, T J; Elliott, F M
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 19 (1995), 1, p. 13-15s

...Gives an alternative view of service provision for adolescents with emotional difficulties centred around 4 high schools. Believes that the service offered differs in a number of ways and has a number...

Treatment in the community in the absence of consent
von Dyer, J A T
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 22 (1998), 2, p. 73-6

...Looks at experience of extended leave of absence in Scotland, England and Wales before 1986, at the recent evidence for an increased risk of violence and homicide in schizophrenia and the danger of a ...

Is there a real need for a short-stay unit in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates?
von Daradkeh, T K; El-Rufaie, O E F; Younis, Y; Ghubash, R
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 21 (1997), 4, p. 237-9 : table refs

...Explores the rationale and need for a short-stay psychiatric unit at Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) district hospital. Describes the demographic and diagnostic characteristics of patients with brief ad...

The MacLean Committee: Scotland's answer to the 'dangerous people with severe personality disorder' proposals?
von Darjee, R; Crichton, J H M
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 26 (2002), 1, p. 6-8

...The MacLean Committee was established in 1999 by the Scottish Office to review and make recommendations concerning the sentencing of serious violent and sexual offenders, including those with personal...

Innocent bystanders?: observation in psychotherapy
von Dorkins, E; Aylard, P
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 19 (1995), 1, p. 18-20s

...Describes the operation of a psychotherapy clinic where a one-way screen is used in the assessment of adults for a range of dynamic therapies. While observation of psychotherapeutic encounters remains...

Trainees' experience and attitudes to behavioural-cognitive psychotherapy training
von Drummond, L M; Ramsay, R L
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 20 (1996), 6, p. 351-3 : table refs

...Performed a survey to examine the behavioural-cognitive psychotherapy teaching and experience of trainee psychiatrists in the South Thames (West) Region. Few trainees reported no experience of behavio...

Psychiatry in Qatar
von El-Islam, M F
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 19 (1995), 12, p. 779-81

...Discusses the role of families, illness concepts and illness behaviour, cultural beliefs and psychiatric services in Qatar....

Appraisal of an article on prognosis
von Lester, M; Warner, J P; Blizard, R
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 22 (1998), 7, p. 442-5

...Prompted by a clinical question, an article on prognosis in anorexia nervosa was appraised using evidence based guidelines. Although problems with the validity and generalisability of the study were i...

Geographical variations in substance misuse services waiting times and methadone treatment of opiate dependence in England and Wales
von Luty, J
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 26 (2002), 12, p. 447-8

...A postal and telephone survey of 140 community drug teams was undertaken to determine geographical variations in waiting times and methadone prescribing policies. Despite government guidelines, it was...

Aftercare: who attends section 117 meetings?
von Lethem, R
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 19 (1995), 2, p. 106-7 : table refs

...A review of section 117 meeting records was undertaken to survey the involvement of mental health care professionals in planning aftercare for discharged psychiatric in-patients in one inner London ps...

Acute hospital care: the beauty and the beast of psychiatry
von Dratcu, L
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 26 (2002), 3, p. 81-2

...Suggests that acute psychiatry is a critical area of mental health care that should be regarded as a sub-speciality in its own right. Imminent changes in mental health legislation are likely to set st...

Psychiatric training in India
von Das, M; Gupta, N; Dutta, K
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 26 (2002), 2, p. 70-2
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...With the population of India recently increasing to over 1 billion, the need for personnel to cater to the health services is ever increasing. Touches upon various aspects of psychiatric training in I...

Service innovations: development of a psychoeducational programme for patients with personality disorder
von D'Silva, K; Duggan, C
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 26 (2002), 7, p. 268-71

...Describes a survey of in-patients with personality disorder admitted to a specialist personality disorder unit, in terms of their knowledge and understanding of their diagnosis, and the subsequent dev...

Reported recovered memories of child sexual abuse: recommendations for good practice and implications for training, continuing professional development and research
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 21 (1997), 10, p. 663-5

...Recommendations from the Royal College of Psychiatrists concerning the use of specific memory recovery techniques, implications for good practice and training and research....

Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Personality Disorder Unit, Ashworth Special Hospital
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 23 (1999), 8, p. 452-62

...The Royal College of Psychiatrists comment on the inquiry into dangerous, corrupting and criminal behaviour in Ashworth Special Hospital and the failure of the Unit's staff either to control or even t...

Psychological Formulations in Psychiatric Care: Staff Views on Their Impact
von Summes, Alison
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 30 (2006), 9, p. 341-343

...AIMS & METHOD: To understand the benefits & limitations of using psychological formulations for patients with severe mental illness, a qualitative study of staff views was conducted, based on semi-str...

Satisfaction with a Research Mentoring Scheme for Specialist Registrars
von Winter, Nicole; Rathod, Shanaya; Gregoire, Alain
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 30 (2006), 9, p. 348-351

...AIMS & METHOD: Following the introduction of a new research mentoring process, a survey was conducted of Wessex specialist registrars' views on research training. RESULTS: Of 34 respondents, 26 (76.5%...

User-led assessment of a recovery service using DREEM
von Dinniss, Stephen; Roberts, Glenn; Hubbard, Charlotte; Hounsell, Jenny; Webb, Rachel
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 31 (2007), 4, p. 124-127

...Aims and Method: To develop a service development plan supporting recovery-based practice through collaborative service user-led methodology, and contribute to the National Institute for Mental Health...

Poorly performing supervisors and trainers of trainee doctors
von Faruqui, Rafey A.; Ikkos, George
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 31 (2007), 4, p. 148-152

...Paice & Ginsburg (2003) surveyed postgraduate medical trainees in London and found that most considered their training as satisfactory and the proportion that evaluated their training as poor had fall...

Working with adults with personality disorder in the community: a multi-agency interview study
von Huband, Nick; Duggan, Conor
In: Psychiatric Bulletin, 31 (2007), 4, p. 133-137

...Aims and Method: To explore the impact of adults with personality disorder on the professional groups that support them. Staff (n=72) from five agencies participated in interviews focusing on reaction...

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