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Cross-border health and productivity effects of alcohol policies
von Johansson, Per; Pekkarinen, Tuomas; Verho, Jouko
In: Journal of Health Economics, 36 (2014), p. 125-136

...This paper studies the cross-border health and productivity effects of alcohol taxes. We estimate the effect of a large cut in the Finnish alcohol tax on mortality, alcohol-related illnesses and work ...

Do hospitals cross-subsidize?
von David, Guy; Lindrooth, Richard C; Helmchen, Lorens A; Burns, Lawton R
In: Journal of Health Economics, 37 (2014), p. 198-218

...Despite its salience as a regulatory tool to ensure the delivery of unprofitable medical services, cross-subsidization of services within hospital systems has been notoriously difficult to detect and ...

Journal of health economics
Amsterdam: North-Holland Publ. Co.

The impact of physical education on obesity among elementary school children
von Cawley, John; Frisvold, David; Meyerhoefer, Chad
In: Journal of Health Economics, 32 (2013), 4, p. 743-755

...In response to the dramatic rise in childhood obesity, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other organizations have advocated increasing the amount of time that elementary school children spend ...

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