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The effect of shared ownership on the private housing market in Northern Ireland
von Adair, A; McGreal, S; McKay, S
In: Housing Review, 39 (1990), May/Jun 90, p. 62-3

...A dominant factor promoting Northern Ireland's much higher rate of new build than in Britain has been shared ownership. Looks at findings of a behavioural survey of purchasers, noting socioeconomic ch...

Tenant consultation on rehabilitation at St David's Court and Northwood Tower, London Borough of Waltham Forest
von Derbyshire, B
In: Housing Review, 42 (1993), 1, p. 13-14

...Outlines the techniques used (preliminary study, survey, consultation and communication) by an architectural practice in a programme of refurbishment work on a local authority tower block....

Homelessness: causes and responses: edited papers from the Housing Centre seminar, Dealing with homelessness--some new initiatives, held on 10 March 1988
von Drake, M
In: Housing Review, 37 (1988), Sep-Oct 88, 182-4 : il.

...Considers how far the 1977 Housing (Homeless Persons) Act has contributed to the increase in homelessness over the past 10 years. (Abstract amended)...

Labour housing policies
von Darke, J
In: Housing Review, 46 (1997), 1, p. 6-7

...The Labour Housing Group (LHG), as a pressure group, is trying to raise the profile of housing. Presents a realistic wish list from an individual longstanding member, but it is not official Labour Par...

Evaluating design for new housing
von Leslie, N
In: Housing Review, 42 (1993), 6, p. 95-6

...Reports on a seminar which considered the evaluation of all the elements in house design, from the location of homes and estate layout to details of space and construction standards....

Conversion experiences: Matthew Linwood House
von Lister, P
In: Housing Review, 36 (1987), Nov-Dec 87, 207-8 : il.

...Describes how a disused Birmingham warehouse became home for some of the city's young people. (Abstract amended)...

Home improvement agencies: from experiment to mainstream housing provision
von Leather, P; Mackintosh, S
In: Housing Review, 40 (1991), Mar-Apr 91, p. 45-7

...Reviews the development of home improvement agencies and examines their role in helping to improve their homes. (SJK)...

Means-testing improvement grants
von Leather, P; MacKintosh, S
In: Housing Review, 38 (1989), May-Jun 89, p. 77-80

...Analyses and comments on home improvement grants. (JPR)...

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