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Raising an autistic child: Subjective experiences of fathers
von Collins, Renee C
In: Dissertation Abstracts International, A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 69 (2008), 03, 1156 p.

...Using the grounded theory approach, this study examines fathers' experiences of raising a child diagnosed with autism. Fathers identified specific concerns and needs of their children as well as discu...

Policy Development in Psychiatric Disability and Rehabilitation: Best Practice Planning for Positive System Transformation
von Taylor, Susan; Ekman, Lisa
In: Journal of Social Work in Disability & Rehabilitation, 7 (2008), 3-4, p. 136-162
Referenzen: 66

...This article provides an overview of international, national, and local policy initiatives that support the clinical and programmatic changes being championed in psychiatric rehabilitation and recover...

Health promotion research and practice require sound policy analysis models: The case of Quebec's Tobacco Act
von Breton, Eric; Richard, Lucie; Gagnon, France; Jacques, Marie; Bergeron, Pierre
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1679-1689
Referenzen: 28

...In this paper we illustrate how policy analysis models can deepen our understanding of the challenges facing health promoters advocating for policy change. Specifically we describe the factors underpi...

Do Mexican immigrants substitute health care in Mexico for health insurance in the United States? The role of distance
von Brown, Henry Shelton
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 12, p. 2036-2042
Referenzen: 20

...Although language and culture are important contributors to uninsurance among immigrants, one important contributor may have been overlooked - the ability of immigrants to return to their home country...

Patient race and physicians' decisions to prescribe opioids for chronic low back pain
von Burgess, Diana Jill; Crowley-Matoka, Megan; Phelan, Sean; Dovidio, John F.; Kerns, Robert; Roth, Craig; Saha, Somnath; van Ryn, Michelle
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1852-1860
Referenzen: 62

...Nonwhite patients are less likely than white patients to have their pain adequately treated. This study examined the influence of patient race and patient verbal and nonverbal behavior on primary care...

A Rights-based Model: Perspectives from Health Service Providers
von Carino, Giselle; Friedman, Jennifer; Gomez, Marcela Rueda; Tatum, Carrie; Briozzo, Leonel
In: IDS Bulletin, 39 (2008), 3, p. 77-82
Referenzen: 8

...Latin America & the Caribbean have among the highest levels of unsafe abortions, & current debate rages to change the abortion-related laws & policies in the region. In response, the International Pla...

Short report: Examining the impact of federally-funded syphilis elimination activities in the USA
von Chesson, Harrell; Owusu-Edusei, Kwame, Jr.
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 12, p. 2059-2062
Referenzen: 12

...In 1999, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched a national syphilis elimination plan. Using state-level syphilis incidence data from 1997 to 2005, we found that greater amoun...

Understanding, embracing, rejecting: Women's negotiations of disability constructions and categorizations after becoming chronically ill
von Crooks, Valorie A.; Chouinard, Vera; Wilton, Robert D.
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1837-1846
Referenzen: 41

...The purpose of this article is to elucidate the various responses women have to being, or not being, categorized as disabled within specific spheres (e.g., medical, state) or places (e.g., doctor's of...

Short report: Doctors' strikes and mortality: A review
von Cunningham, Solveig Argeseanu; Mitchell, Kristina; Narayan, K. M. Venkat; Yusuf, Salim
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1784-1788
Referenzen: 20

...A paradoxical pattern has been suggested in the literature on doctors' strikes: when health workers go on strike, mortality stays level or decreases. We performed a review of the literature during the...

Widening health inequalities among U.S. military retirees since 1974
von Edwards, Ryan
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1657-1668
Referenzen: 32

...I explore trends in mortality among U.S. military retirees using a new dataset of payroll records that include pay grade. Trends in mortality by pay grade reveal that health inequalities steadily wide...

Changing the knowledge base in Western herbal medicine
von Evans, Sue
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 12, p. 2098-2106
Referenzen: 71
Zitiert von: 1

...The project of modernising Western herbal medicine in order to allow it to be accepted by the public and to contribute to contemporary healthcare is now over two decades old. One aspect of this projec...

Controlling Prescription Drug Costs: Regulation and the Role of Interest Groups in Medicare and the Veterans Health Administration
von Frakt, Austin B.; Pizer, Steven D.; Hendricks, Ann M.
In: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 33 (2008), 6, p. 1079-1106
Referenzen: 69

...Medicare and the Veterans Health Administration (VA) both finance large outpatient prescription drug programs, though in very different ways. In the ongoing debate on how to control Medicare spending,...

Short report: Cerebral implants and Parkinson's disease: A unique form of biographical disruption?
von Gisquet, Elsa
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1847-1851
Referenzen: 35

...Chronic illness is perceived as a particular kind of event. The aim of this paper is to understand the personal, familial and professional difficulties experienced by patients in France who have a neu...

Childhood Asthma, Public Housing, and Environmental Control: Differences Between Families Renting with Section 8 Vouchers and Those Living in the Projects
von Grineski, Sara
In: Journal of Poverty, 12 (2008), 4, p. 432-455
Referenzen: 55

...Hazardous environments (both indoor and outdoor) play a role in explaining asthma disparities between poor and affluent children. Through a focus on Phoenix (Arizona) case, this article examines the h...

General practitioners' experiences and understandings of diagnosing dementia: Factors impacting on early diagnosis
von Hansen, Emily C.; Hughes, Clarissa; Routley, Georgina; Robinson, Andrew L.
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1776-1783
Referenzen: 41

...This article reports findings from three linked qualitative research projects that explored how Australian general practitioners (GPs) spoke about their experiences in diagnosing dementia and their vi...

A small-area index of socioeconomic deprivation to capture health inequalities in France
von Havard, Sabrina; Deguen, Severine; Bodin, Julie; Louis, Karine; Laurent, Olivier; Bard, Denis
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 12, p. 2007-2016
Referenzen: 63
Zitiert von: 1

...In the absence of individual data, ecological or contextual measures of socioeconomic level are frequently used to describe social inequalities in health. This work focuses on the methodological aspec...

The New Anecdotes
von Healy, David
In: Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, 9 (2007), 3, p. 131-137
Referenzen: 15

...This article deals with the interpretation & clinical implications of findings from randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of antidepressant drug efficacy. It will also deal with a related issue, namely ...

Studying place effects on health by synthesising individual and area-level outcomes
von Jackson, Christopher H.; Richardson, Sylvia; Best, Nicky G.
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 12, p. 1995-2006
Referenzen: 29

...It is well established that there exist substantial area-level socio-demographic variations in population health. However, area-level associations between deprivation and health cannot necessarily be ...

Wraparound: Medicalization and governmentality
von Kaylor, Patrick J
In: Dissertation Abstracts International, A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 69 (2008), 03, 1159 p.

...In 1989 the federal government mandated that states use Medicaid funds to periodically screen children and adolescents for medical problems. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania subsequently agreed to pro...

The fetal tissue economy: From the abortion clinic to the stem cell laboratory
von Kent, Julie
In: Social Science & Medicine, 67 (2008), 11, p. 1747-1756
Referenzen: 42
Zitiert von: 1

...This paper examines the exchange relationships between women undergoing abortion, the clinicians who procure fetal tissue and stem cell scientists in Britain, and argues that the fetal tissue economy ...

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