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Golf Course Runoff Low Thanks to Precision Turf Management
von Anon.
In: Agricultural Research, 53 (2005), 8, [np]

...Whether it's watermen in the Chesapeake Bay area or farmers in the Midwest, the question is always the same when talk turns to contamination of waterways by sur-plus agricultural chemicals: What about...

Neighborhood Food Environment and Walkability Predict Obesity in New York City
von Rundle, A; Neckerman, KM; Freeman, L; Lovasi, GS; Purciel, M; Quinn, J; Richards, C; Sircar, N; Weiss, C
In: Environmental Health Perspectives, 117 (2009), 3, p. 442-447
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...BACKGROUND: Differences in the neighborhood food environment may contribute to disparities in obesity. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to examine the association of neighborhood food environ...

Reading cycles: The culture of BMX freestyle.
von Nelson, Wade Gordon James
2007. 376 p.
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...This dissertation draws from and contributes to many traditions within the (interdisciplinary) discipline of communication studies. Serving the two primary objectives of the examination of the figure ...

The 2004 Paralympic Games: Physiotherapy Services in the Paralympic Village Polyclinic
von Athanasopoulos, Spyridon; Mandalidis, Dimitris; Tsakoniti, Aikaterini; Athanasopoulos, Ioannis; Strimpakos, Nikolaos; Papadopoulos, Emmanuel; Pyrros, Demetrios G; Parisis, Costas; Kapreli, Eleni
In: Open Sports Medicine Journal, 3 (2009), p. 1-8

...The purpose of this study was to document the injuries sustained by athletes and non-athletes who were admitted to the physiotherapy department (PTD) of the Paralympic Village polyclinic (PVP) during ...

Physical Performance and Decision Making in Association Football Referees: A Naturalistic Study
von Dicks, M; O'Hare, D; Button, C; Mascarenhas, DRD
In: Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2 (2009), p. 1-9

...Although researchers have independently investigated the physical and decision-making (DM) demands experienced by sports officials, the combined impact of locomotion and physiological factors upon DM ...

Peak Ground and Joint Forces in Step-Exercise Depending on Step-Pattern and Stepping-Rate
von Santos-Rocha, Rita; Veloso, Antonio; Machado, Maria Lourdes; Valamatos, Maria Joao; Ferreira, Carlos
In: Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2 (2009), p. 10-21

...The assessment of biomechanical loading is quite important for exercise prescription and injury prevention in the scope of Exercise Biomechanics. The study of ground reaction forces, joint forces and ...

Relationship Between Ventilatory Threshold and Cerebral Blood Flow During Maximal Exercise in Humans
von Olson, Thomas P; Tracy, Jennifer; Dengel, Donald R
In: Open Sports Medicine Journal, 3 (2009), p. 9-13

...Background: This work studied the relationship between changes in cerebral blood flow velocity (CBFV) through the middle cerebral artery (MCA) with non-invasive ventilatory threshold (VT) measurements...

Physical Fitness and Anthropometric Characteristics in Different Levels of Young Team Handball Players
von Zapartidis, Ilias; Vareltzis, Ioannis; Gouvali, Marina; Kororos, Panagiotis
In: Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2 (2009), p. 22-28

...The aim of the study was to compare physical fitness and selected anthropometric characteristics between selected (SP) and non-selected (NSP) for the Greek preliminary national team male (n=88) and fe...

How Football Players Determine where to Run to Tackle other Players: A Mathematical and Psychological Description and Analysis
von Shaffer, Dennis M; Gregory, Thomas B
In: Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2 (2009), p. 29-36

...Players in American football must be able to competently and quickly intercept and tackle an opponent who has the ball. We developed a mathematical model that describes the use of a constant target-he...

Effects of Exercise Duration and Number of Players in Heart Rate Responses and Technical Skills During Futsal Small-sided Games
von Duarte, Ricardo; Batalha, Nuno; Folgado, Hugo; Sampaio, Jaime
In: Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2 (2009), p. 37-41

...In the design of training programs, it is common for coaches to modify task constraints to conduct the drill intensity at the targeted level. Sport specific drills with variations are constantly used ...

The Addition of a Video Game to Stationary Cycling: The Impact on Energy Expenditure in Overweight Children
von Haddock, Bryan L; Siegel, Shannon R; Wikin, Linda D
In: Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2 (2009), p. 42-46

...Introduction: The prevalence of obesity in children has reached epidemic proportions with over 37% of children aged 6-11 years in the U.S. being classified as "at risk for overweight" or "overweight."...

Different Meta-Analysis Methods, Different Answers: The Case of Exercise for Older Acute Medical Patients
von De Morton, Natalie A; Keating, Jennifer L
In: Open Geriatric Medicine Journal, 2 (2009), p. 9-11

...The aim of this study was to illustrate the potential for confounding when interpreting group mean data from systematic reviews for a heterogeneous participant population. A case report comparing the ...

A Community Based Study of Sport and Recreation-Related Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Department in Finland
von Luthje, Peter; Pelkonen, Janne; Nurmi-Luthje, Ilona; Salmio, Kimmo; Hinkkurinen, Jari; Lundell, Lasse
In: Open Sports Medicine Journal, 3 (2009), p. 14-20

...Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the incidence and characteristics of sport and recreation (SR)-related injuries treated in an emergency department (ED). This paper is the first comm...

Establishing Equivalence of Exercise Intensities
von Lewicke, Aaron; Beck, Kenneth C
In: Open Sports Medicine Journal, 3 (2009), p. 21-25

...Introduction: Research trials that involve testing of physiological response to exercise and that include tests from more than one institution, or tests across long time periods, may be required to in...

Effect of a Small Dose of Alcohol on the Endurance Performance of Trained Cyclists
von Lecoultre, Virgile; Schutz, Yves
In: Alcohol and Alcoholism, 44 (2009), 3, p. 278-283

...Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of an acute small ethanol (EtOH) dose (0.5 ml EtOH-kg fat-free mass, combined with carbohydrate) in a drink on endurance performance of trained...

Inclined-plane model of the 2004 Tour de France
von Hannas, Benjamin Lee; Goff, John Eric
In: European Journal of Physics, 26 (2005), 2, p. 251-259

...We make modifications to a model we created to predict the stage-winning times of the 2003 Tour de France. With the modifications in place, we model the 2004 Tour de France. We demonstrate here the ut...

Procedural Justice, Attachment Style, Stress Appraisal, and Athletes` Attitudes Toward Their Coach
von Ben-Ari, Rachel; Tsur, Yishay
In: Open Sports Sciences Journal, 2 (2009), p. 47-57

...The study examined whether procedural justice may embody an external- situational resource, in addition to the attachment style as an internal- personality resource that improves athletes' appraisals ...

A Framework and Model for Estimating the Individual Benefits and Costs of Exercise for Long Run Health
von Everett, Michael D; Ramsey, Michael W
In: Open Sports Medicine Journal, 3 (2009), p. 26-38

...This paper develops a computer spreadsheet framework and model for estimating the individual benefits and costs of exercise for long run health. The biological costs and benefits rest on solid product...

Pulmonary function at peak exercise in patients with chronic heart failure
von Papazachou, O; Anastasiou-Nana, M; Sakellariou, D; Tassiou, A; Dimopoulos, S; Venetsanakos, J; Maroulidis, G; Drakos, S; Roussos, C; Nanas, S
In: International Journal of Cardiology, 118 (2007), 1, p. 28-35

...Background: Various respiratory abnormalities are associated with chronic heart failure (CHF). However, changes in inspiratory capacity (IC) and breathing pattern from rest to exercise in patients wit...

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