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Aspirin: a new look at an old drug
von Flieger, Ken
In: FDA Consumer, 28 (1994), p. 18-21

...Questions about the best and safest ways to use aspirin as new applications for this remedy increase; US perspective....

Accent discrimination and the test of spoken English: a call for an objective assessment of the comprehensibility of nonnative speakers
von Nguyen, Beatrice Bich-Dao
In: California Law Review, 81 (1993), p. 1325-1361 : table(s)
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...Recommends use of a test offered by the Educational Testing Service to counter anti-immigrant bias in employment; US....

Duncan's radio market guide, 1994
von Duncan, James H Jr (ed.)
James H. Duncan, Jr., Duncan's American Radio, Inc., P.O. Box 90284, Indianapolis, IN 46290 1994. table(s)

...Economic and demographic conditions for US radio markets, including radio advertising revenue estimates and projections, and revenue estimates for competitive TV, newspaper, and outdoor media, 1988-93...

Directory of M & A intermediaries, 1994
von Lim, Yong (ed.)
SDC Publishing, 40 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019 1994. chart(s), index(es)

...Profiles investment banks, business brokers, law firms, and other institutions handling business mergers and acquisitions; US, chiefly....

Britain, 1994: an official handbook
Great Britain. Central Office of Info.
Her Majesty's Stationery Office 1993. il(s), table(s), chart(s), map(s), index(es)

...Covers government, overseas relations, social welfare, environment, manufacturing and service industries, transport and communications, and other features....

Psychological research on the Persian Gulf war
von Lehman, Darrin R (ed.)
In: Journal of Social Issues, 49 (1993), 4, p. 1-215 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Examines effects on Israeli and American veterans and civilians; 10 articles....

Le "retour" des communistes en Europe de l'Est: nouvelles et anciennes élites
von Potel, Jean-Yves
In: Le Monde Diplomatique, 41 (1994), 12 p.

...Views the relative electoral success of communist parties in post-Soviet states and other eastern and central European countries as a consequence of public dissatisfaction with economic reforms....

Discrimination against racial groups: America's other health care DRG system
von Perkins, Jane
In: Guild Practitioner, 51 (1993), p. 1-17

...Diagnosis-related groups (DRG). Reviews instances of discrimination by health care providers, inadequate research on minority groups, legislation to combat problem, and possible effects of Clinton pla...

Restructuring and the new working classes in Chile: trends in waged employment, informality and poverty, 1973-1990
United Nations Research Inst. for Soc. Development.
von Díaz, Alvaro
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development 1993. bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Examines the reorganization of the labor market which accompanied the neoliberal experiment of the last two decades....

Le coût de l'éducation en 1992
von Blanc, Cécile; and others
In: Problèmes Economiques (1993), p. 28-31 : table(s)

...1992 data on state education funding; France. Reprinted from Note d'Information [Ministère de l'Education Nationale], no. 93-28, June 1993....

You don't go to work to die, you go to work
von Schreiberg, Frances
In: Guild Practitioner, 51 (1993), p. 18-32

...Critical of workers' compensation system as inadequate in providing a safe workplace; some focus on likely effects of Clinton health reform....

Feeling for the future: a survey of television
von Heilemann, John
In: Economist, 330 (1994), 56 : il(s), table(s), chart(s) p.

...Examines evolution of TV and its convergence with computer and telecommunications technology; emphasis on US companies and markets. Digital technology, control of content, distribution, computing, and...

Allemagne: la formation professionnelle en question
von Adler, Tibor; and others
In: Problèmes Economiques (1993), p. 39-42 : bibl(s), table(s)

...Examines the German vocational education system and apprenticeship programs based on partnerships between business and education ("Duales System"). Reprinted from CEREQ [Centre d'Etudes et de Recherch...

La Communauté Européenne et les collectivités locales: une double dialectique complexe
von Biancarelli, Jacques
In: Problèmes Economiques (1993), p. 5-12

...Examines the implications of European integration and legal mechanisms for local and municipal governments; special reference to municipal finance and taxation, subsidies and other government support,...

Jeux de hasard: ce que dépensent les Français
von Dubeaux, Dominique; Guihard, Véronique
In: Problèmes Economiques (1993), p. 5-8 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...National trends in lottery sales and horse race betting; France; 1977-92. Reprinted from INSEE [Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques] Première, no. 270, July 1993....

European Commission policy in the framework of the information services market
von De Bruïne, R F
In: Journal of Government Information, 21 (1994), p. 15-24 : table(s), chart(s)

...Describes the Information Market Policy Actions (IMPACT) program to improve access to electronic information sources; 1989-90....

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies; parliament is powerless to monitor British arms exports
In: Economist, 330 (1994), p. 57-58 : il(s), table(s)

...Issues of legislative oversight and accountability of government ministers. Examines Thatcher administration arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Iraq and alleged link between defense exports and foreign ai...

A state transition model of United States congressional information
von Richardson, John; Zarnosky, Margaret R
In: Journal of Government Information, 21 (1994), p. 25-35 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Proposes changes to various government document formats to simplify research....

Insurance statistics yearbook, 1984-1991
Org. for Econ. Coop. and Development.
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 1994. table(s)

...Official insurance statistics for the 24 OECD countries. Text in both English and French. Also available on diskette. Number of companies and employees, gross and net premiums, market share, foreign b...

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