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As Clinton goes--even though the president's name is not on the ballot, his popularity is likely to be the most important factor nationally in this year's elections
von Schneider, William
In: National Journal, 26 (1994), p. 320-321 : table(s), chart(s)

...Likely impact of favorable public opinion on gains by the Democratic party in the midterm 1994 elections; US....

Canada: a cornucopia of investment incentives
von Grace, Michael
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 1202-1204 : il(s)

...Federal and provincial assistance for work-force training, start-up business capital, research and development, and export marketing....

Preserving and revitalizing older communities: sources of federal assistance
United States. Nat. Park Service. Preservation Assistance Div.
von Slavitt, Lesley
Superintendent of Documents 1993. index(es)

...Information on 90 programs administered out of 16 agencies of the federal government; US. Programs of the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor,...

Russian Federation: patent law (September 23, 1992)
In: International Legal Materials, 32 (1993), p. 1614-1645

...Law no. 3517-I. Intellectual property legislation bringing Russia into compliance with international standards....

By the numbers: since the Congressional Budget Office was created 20 years ago, it's been grinding out analyses and projections, and dodging partisan sniper fire; now the CBO is being tested as never before by the rapidly accelerating debate over health care reforms
von Novak, Viveca
In: National Journal, 26 (1994), p. 348-352 : il(s)

...Criticism of the agency that determined that Clinton's health care plan would not cut the deficit but instead increase it by $74 billion. Also questions partisan influence....

Il chi è delle 10.000 società leader
In: Milano Finanza, 8 (1993), suppl., il(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Italy's largest industrial and commercial firms, banks, insurance companies, and municipal corporations ranked by various criteria....

Russian Federation: law on the legal protection of computer programs and databases (September 23, 1992)
In: International Legal Materials, 32 (1993), p. 1646-1658

...Law no. 3523-I. Regulations governing use and protection of rights....

Le prime 5000 società italiane
In: Mondo Economico (1993), suppl., p. 281-page : il(s), table(s), chart(s), map(s)

...Annual ranking of Italy's largest business enterprises according to various criteria; includes separate lists for conglomerates, banks, and insurance companies....

Why child care matters: preparing young children for a more productive America
Com. for Econ. Development. Research and Policy Com.
Committee for Economic Development 1993. table(s)

...Focuses on quality, availability, and affordability and respectives roles and responsibilities of business, government, communities, and parents....

International health statistics: what the numbers mean for the United States; background paper
United States. Cong. Office of Technol. Assessment.
Superintendent of Documents 1993. bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Reviews how the US compares with 12 other developed countries; focuses on sociodemographic factors, mortality (including infant mortality), morbidity, and health-related behaviors; 1980s, chiefly. Aus...

Special report: Cuba after Castro
In: World & I, 9 (1994), p. 22-51 : il(s)

...Examines the prolongation of communism under Fidel Castro, opposing views on lifting of the US trade embargo, and need for democratic elections; 5 articles....

Sick building syndrome: sleeping giant of the '90s
von Pollina, Ronald R
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 442-445

...Legal methods of avoiding indoor air pollution; focus on office buildings; US....

AIDS, HIV and mental health
von King, Michael B
Cambridge University Press 1993. bibl(s), index(es)

...Covers AIDS phobia, neuropsychiatric aspects of AIDS infection, effect of stress on the immune system, and other topics....

Rebuilding America
von Florida, Richard
In: World & I, 9 (1994), p. 397-413 : il(s)

...Contends that the government should put in place the economic infrastructure needed to support high performance production in manufacturing; some focus on education and regulatory policies....

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