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Europe's labor force: despite "1992", big differences still exist
von Vossen, W P; Boone, Roland
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 632-634 : table(s), chart(s)

...Compares labor costs in EEC and EFTA countries; data on unemployment, unionization, salaries, and education levels....

Labor for a booming economy: an Asia-Pacific primer
von Jackson, David
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 695-696 : il(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Compares labor costs in 11 Asian countries; data on skills, unionization, wages, and labor conditions. Hong Kong, Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines...

Fertility transition and women's life course in Mexico
United Nations. Dept. for Econ. and Soc. Info. and Policy Analysis.
United Nations Publications 1993. bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Impact of demographic, social, and economic change on women's lives; effect of educational attainment on national fertility levels; based on data from the 1976-77 Mexican Fertility Survey and the 1987...

Mujeres trabajadoras y políticas de empleo en el Perú
von Oré Aguilar, Gaby
Instituto de Defensa Legal, Toribio Polo 248, Lima 18, Peru 1993. bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Analyzes government programs to promote employment of women; Peru; 1985-92....

Americans speak to APEC: building a new order with Asia
von Ellings, Richard J (ed.)
National Bureau of Asian Research, 715 Safeco Plaza, Seattle, WA 98185 1993.

...Assesses usefulness of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum and pressing issues addressed at the meeting in Seattle, Nov. 17-20, 1993. Topics include US-Japan relations, impediments to US parti...

Prison overcrowding: will building more prisons cut the crime rate?
von Clark, Charles S
In: CQ Researcher, 4 (1994), p. 99-119 : bibl(s), il(s), table(s), chart(s), map(s)

...Covers the affordability of more prisons, prison reforms, the federal crime bill, and alternatives to incarceration; US....

Development and labor in Latin America: an overview
von Rees, Terry L
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 718-720 : il(s)

...Examines factors which make Latin America a low-cost area for US industry. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Costa Rica....

Business/school partnerships boost local education, work-force quality
von Venable, Tim
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 902-904 : il(s), table(s)

...Internships, mentoring, and other business efforts to assist high school students in developing work skills....

Australia--Republic of Nauru: settlement of the case in the International Court of Justice concerning certain phosphate lands in Nauru (done at Nauru, August 10, 1993; entered into force August 20, 1993)
In: International Legal Materials, 32 (1993), p. 1471-1479

...Compensation claims for mining carried out before Nauru became independent in Jan. 1968. Reproduced from text provided by the Australian Embassy, Washington D.C....

Carolinas lead southern surge in Site Selection's inaugural business climate rankings
von Lyne, Jack
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 1170-1172 : il(s), table(s)

...Ranking of US states and Canadian provinces; based on numbers of new industrial facilities and survey of real estate executives....

The Civil Reserve Air Fleet and Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm: issues for the future
von Chenoweth, Mary E
Rand Corporation 1993. bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Problems that resulted from use of commercial airlift during the 1991 conflict. Focuses on government insurance policies, hazardous materials, cargo operations, communications, planning and policy rec...

Mexico--United States: Agreement Concerning the Establishment of a Border Environment Cooperation Commission and a North American Development Bank (done at Washington and Mexico City, November 16 and 18, 1993)
In: International Legal Materials, 32 (1993), p. 1545-1571

...Reproduced from text provided by the US Department of State. Purpose of Bank is to finance projects in support of NAFTA and the Border Environment Cooperation Commission....

Rankings revisited: you're no. l, but on the other hand
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 1186-1190 : table(s)

...Compares Site Selection's ranking of US states according to new plants and expansions with other rankings based on quality of living....

Detained in China and Tibet: a directory of political and religious prisoners
Human Rights Watch. Asia Watch Com.
von Munro, Robin; Spiegel, Mickey
Human Rights Watch 1994. index(es)

...Contains information on some 1,700 members of pro-democracy networks, labor federations, unofficial church congregations, and traditional religious sects....

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