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The agrarian question in southern Africa and "accumulation from below": economics and politics in the struggle for democracy
von Neocosmos, Michael
Scandinavian Institute of African Studies, P.O. Box 1703, 751 47 Uppsala, Sweden 1993. bibl(s)

...Examines democracy and land tenure as an alternative to structural adjustment policies....

The social impact of the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign
United States. Bur. of Justice Assistance.
633 Indiana Av., N.W., Washington, DC 20531 1993. bibl(s), table(s)

...Content analysis and cost effectiveness study of media campaign begun in 1979; based on a survey conducted in 1991; US. The "McGruff" or "Take a Bite Out of Crime" campaign....

Israël-OLP: le tortueux chemin vers la paix
von Dieckhoff, Alain
In: Politique Internationale (1993), p. 169-178

...Organisation de Libération de la Palestine (OLP). Examines Palestinian and Israeli political forces that could possibly jeopardize the Sept. 13, 1993 peace accord. Summaries in English and Spanish p....

Aquatic biotechnology and food safety
Org. for Econ. Coop. and Development.
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 1994. bibl(s), chart(s)

...Reviews recent developments in aquatic biotechnology and possible danger to humans; 9 articles. Proceedings of a symposium held in Bergen, Norway, June 10-12, 1992....

Highlights of the Israel-PLO Cairo Agreement
In: Middle East Reporter Weekly, 72 (1994), 16 p.

...Text of the Agreement to Implement Palestinian Self-Rule in the Gaza Strip and Jericho, initialed by Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and PLO chief Yasir Arafat, Feb. 9, 1994....

Palestine: l'enjeu économique
von Bavly, Dan
In: Politique Internationale (1993), p. 191-200 : table(s)

...Examines necessary conditions for stimulating economic development in Gaza and the West Bank; prospects for regional cooperation. Summaries in English and Spanish p. 392 and 406....

Turquie: la croisade de la modernité
von Vaner, Semih
In: Politique Internationale (1993), p. 225-236

...Assessment of political and economic challenges facing Prime Minister Tansu Çiller; some focus on weakness of the Turkish economy, Turkey's role in the Balkan states and as a gateway to Central Asia,...

Est: le vrai-faux retour des communists
von Adler, Alexandre
In: Politique Internationale (1993), p. 285-294

...Why communist structures, in their traditional or restored form, are still prevalent in selected post-Soviet states and eastern and central European countries. Summaries in English and Spanish p. 395 ...

Melbourne studies in education, 1993: feminism and education
von Yates, Lyn (ed.)
La Trobe University Press 1993.

...Examines physical education for girls, women teachers, women's studies, sexism in education, and other issues....

La prospection des ressources minérales des fonds marins dans l'Océan Indien
von Labrousse, H
In: La Revue Maritime (1993), p. 22-34 : il(s), map(s)

...Examines national and international law relating to prospecting for mineral resources in the Indian ocean region; special reference to India and France....

Mercosul: integração na América Latina e relações com a Comunidade Européia
von Battaglini, Elena; and others
Cajá Distribuidora 1993. bibl(s), table(s)

...Examines effects of the Southern Cone Common Market on South American economies, possible extension of NAFTA to Latin America, outlook for the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative, and prospects for...

Israel's state-assisted terrorism: "settlers" as armed combatants
von Shahak, Israel
In: Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, 12 (1994), 16 p.

...Critical of lack of meaningful action by the Israeli government regarding violent assaults perpetrated by Jewish settlers against Palestinians in the occupied territories....

Evolución de las microempresas y pequeñas empresas en la República Dominicana, 1992-1993
von Cabal, Miguel
FondoMicro, Av. Abraham Lincoln esq. Av. John F. Kennedy, Edificio Nissan, 2do. piso, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; EPS no. A-201, P.O. Box 02-5256, Miami, FL 33102-5256 1993. table(s), chart(s)

...Profile of small-scale manufacturing and business firms in the Dominican Republic; based on a sample survey of 666 firms conducted by FondoMicro, Mar. 1992-Mar. 1993. Wages and salaries, employment, f...

Recommendations of experts for improvements in federal law enforcement after Waco
United States. Dept. of Justice.
Superintendent of Documents 1993. chart(s)

...How to better handle hostage/barricade situations such as the Feb. 28-Apr. 19, 1993 standoff between the Branch Davidians, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and FBI agents. Contents are gr...

Microempresas y pequeñas empresas de mujeres en la República Dominicana: resultados de una encuesta nacional
von Cely, Patricia
FondoMicro, Av. Abraham Lincoln esq. Av. John F. Kennedy, Edificio Nissan, 2do. piso, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; EPS no. A-201, P.O. Box 02-5256, Miami, FL 33102-5256 1993. bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Profile of small, women-owned business enterprises which account for 45.8 percent of all businesses in the Dominican Republic; based on data from a national survey conducted by FondoMicro in Mar. 1992...

A Canadian perspective in native studies
von Hall, Tony
In: Canadian Review of Studies in Nationalism, 20 (1993), 1/2, p. 79-86

...Examines development as a distinct, interdisciplinary field in colleges and universities since the early 1970s; some focus on attempts by the Crees to regain possession of sacred objects from museums ...

A sociolegal analysis of Canadian youth justice: the impact of offender's race on judicial decisions
von Schissel, Bernard
In: Journal of Criminal Justice, 21 (1993), 6, p. 533-552 : bibl(s), table(s)
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...Focus on partial justice administered against aboriginal native and Metis juveniles, based on observations made by the John Howard Society of Alberta in Edmonton Youth Court, May 10-July 25, 1986....

The North American labor force: location resources from the Yukon to the Yucatan
von Donovan, Dennis J; Burdorf, Katie S
In: Site Selection and Industrial Development, 38 (1993), p. 570-572 : il(s), table(s)

...Compares unemployment, unionization, work skills, and labor law in the US, Canada, and Mexico; likely effects of NAFTA....

Dictionnaire des identités culturelles de la francophonie: analyse du discours identitaire de langue française à travers 3000 notions
von Wijnands, Paul
Conseil International de la Langue Française; Presses Universitaires de France 1993. bibl(s)

...Defines 3,000 concepts relating to cultural and linguistic specificities of French-speaking countries and territories around the world....

Men's and boys' wear buyers, 1993: nationwide directory (exclusive of N.Y. metropolitan area)
Salesman's Guide 1992. index(es)

...Lists more than 12,000 buyers and merchandise managers for over 6,500 department, family clothing, men's & boys' wear specialty stores; US and Canada....

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