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Industrial policy: investing in America
In: Stanford Law & Policy Review, 5 (1993), p. 11-151 : table(s), chart(s)

...Examines need for new policies in light of decline of manufacturing, new technologies, increased competition, and defense cuts; 14 articles....

Life, death and the boundaries of the person
In: New Perspectives Quarterly, 11 (1994), p. 4-37

...Examines society's right to intervene in a person's life; covers health policy, patents on life, right to life, freedom of choice, cloning, death, organ transplants, and other topics; 9 articles. Incl...

The continuing challenge of tuberculosis
United States. Cong. Office of Technol. Assessment.
Superintendent of Documents 1993. bibl(s), il(s), table(s), chart(s), index(es)

...Causes, transmission, epidemiology, preventive strategies, diagnosis, treatment, delivery of services, and federal involvement. Based on a workshop held in Mar. 1993....

Expanding choice in Austrian education
von Pratt, John
In: OECD Observer (1994), p. 17-19 : il(s)

...Examines problems to be resolved in the plan to create a new form of post-secondary education providing technical, business, and vocationally-oriented college courses. Role of "Fachhochschulen."...

The Chinese steel industry
von Sugimoto, Takashi
In: Resources Policy, 19 (1993), p. 264-286 : table(s), chart(s)

...Impact of strengthening of enterprise autonomy and introduction of advanced technology on industry growth during the 1980s....

From stick to carrot in the environment
von Barde, Jean-Philippe; Opschoor, Johanes Baptist
In: OECD Observer (1994), p. 23-27 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Use of economic instruments, such as marketable pollution permits, emission charges and taxes, product taxes, and deposit-refund systems, in environmental policy; OECD countries....

The competitiveness of Spanish industry
von Ahijado, Manuel; and others
In: National Economic Review (1993), p. 90-104 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...1960-92. Includes sectoral composition, regional differences, export performance, and industrial policy....

Special issue: Enhancing security in Southeast Asia
In: Australia Journal of International Affairs, 47 (1993), p. 189-299 : table(s)

...Cambodian conflict, relations with US, Japan's security policies, and other issues; 8 articles....

Wahlbeobachtung in Burundi
von Jansen, Christine; and others
In: Afrika Spectrum, 28 (1993), 3, S. 387-392

...Examines activities of the international observer team to the June 6, 1993 presidential election; Burundi....

Wahlbeobachtung Lesotho: die Wahl zur Nationalversammlung vom 27. März 1993
von Engel, Ulf
In: Afrika Spectrum, 28 (1993), 3, S. 393-397

...Examines activities of the international observer team to the Mar. 27, 1993 National Assembly elections; Lesotho....

Science in Russia: implosion and rebirth?
von Aubert, Jean-Eric
In: OECD Observer (1994), p. 36-40 : bibl(s), il(s)

...Examines how the research and development infrastructure has adjusted to the dismemberment of the Soviet Union....

International social attitudes, 1993/94: the 10th BSA report
von Jowell, Roger (ed.); and others
Ashgate Publishing Company Ltd. 1993. bibl(s), il(s), table(s), chart(s), index(es)

...British social attitudes (BSA). Based on data from 21 countries, mainly collected as part of the International Social Survey Program. Prepared by Social and Community Planning Research. Published by D...

Ag pollution: a new generation of rules?
von Burt, John
In: Agricultural Outlook (1994), p. 21-22

...Stopping further soil erosion and runoff of chemicals and sediment from croplands; US....

Policy support for SMEs in Poland
von Karwowska, Maria Anna; Mrozinska, Elzbieta
In: International Small Business Journal, 12 (1993), p. 61-69 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Need for regulatory and financial framework for small-scale privatization....

Cuba: du peso au dollar
von Fogel, Jean-François
In: Politique Internationale (1993), p. 127-137

...Examines Fidel Castro's attempts to deal with the economic crisis; some focus on the decision to allow Cuban citizens to own US dollars. Summaries in English and Spanish p. 390 and 404....

Casualties of war: drug prohibition has shot gaping holes in the Bill of Rights
von Duke, Steven B; Gross, Albert C
In: Reason, 25 (1994), p. 20-27 : il(s)

...Criticizes growing acceptance of the violation of due process and other civil rights when police have "reasonable suspicion" that a drug crime has been committed; US. Criticizes the police use of over...

British Columbia economic and statistical review, 1993
British Columbia. Minist. of Fin. and Corporate Relations.
Crown Publications, 546 Yates St., Victoria, British Columbia 1993. il(s), table(s), chart(s)

...Includes lists of ministry contacts and other government information sources. Partial contents: Economic review; Financial review; Industrial structure and performance; The provincial government and i...

Performance measures for the criminal justice system
United States. Bur. of Justice Statis.
Bureau of Justice Statistics Clearinghouse, National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Box 6000, Rockville, MD 20850 1993. bibl(s)

...Discussion papers from the BJS-Princeton project; US. Topics include prisons, community corrections, trial court, prosecution, and public defense, and police....

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