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Approche quantitative des besoins en logements jusqu'à l'an 2000
von Nol, Joseph (ed.)
In: Problèmes Economiques (1993), p. 1-4 : table(s)

...Quantitative analysis of the housing market, 1975-90, prospects through the year 2000, and government incentives to promote affordable housing; France. Excerpted from the report, "L'approche quantitat...

Principal actions of ECMT in the field of road safety
European Conference of Minists. of Transport.
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 1994. table(s), chart(s)

...Promotion of highway safety in Europe, 1986-93. Text in both English and French. Covers matters of immediate concern to the public such as the fitting and wearing of seat belts, advertising that confl...

L'épargne logement
von Dispard, Virginie
In: Problèmes Economiques (1993), p. 8-11 : table(s)

...Characteristics of the two mortgage financing plans available in France; early 1990s. Reprinted from INC [Institut National de la Consommation] Hebdo, no. 819, June 18, 1993. Compte épargne logement ...

Abortion and the right to life under the Irish Constitution
von Pearce, Robert A
In: Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law (1993), 6, p. 386-402 : bibl(s)
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...Examines effect of 1983 constitutional amendment on the legality of abortion; some focus on 1992 case involving 14-year-old rape victim....

From shampoo to cereal: seeing to the safety of color additives
von Henkel, John
In: FDA Consumer, 27 (1993), p. 14-21 : il(s)

...How the FDA ensures the safety of coloring matter....

Japan, Russia, and the Northern Territories: continuities, changes, obstacles, opportunities
von Nester, William
In: Third World Quarterly, 14 (1993), 4, p. 717-734

...Historical background to dispute over the Kurile Islands and negotiations, 1986-93. Contends that economic relations are limited by the dispute....

Human rights and democratization in Estonia
United States. Cong. Comm. on Security and Coop. in Eur.
Superintendent of Documents 1993. map(s)

...Focuses on the situation of the Russian minority. Head of title: Implementation of the Helsinki Accords....

The changing structure of work in the United States: the impact on income and benefits; implications for health and welfare
von Kuhn, Sarah; Wooding, John
In: New Solutions, 4 (1994), p. 43-56 : bibl(s), table(s), chart(s)

...V. l The impact on income and benefits; v. 2, Implications for health and welfare. Impact of shift to a service economy with some focus on increasing numbers of workers employed on a contingent, tempo...

Human rights and democratization in Latvia
United States. Cong. Comm. on Security and Coop. in Eur.
Superintendent of Documents 1993. map(s)

...Some focus on the status of national minorities. Head of title: Implementation of the Helsinki Accords....

Enterprise zones: incentives are not attracting minority firms
von Glover, Glenda
In: Review of Black Political Economy, 22 (1993), p. 73-99 : table(s)

...Evaluates effect of US tax credit to businesses in economically depressed neighborhoods on minority business ownership; based on study of 372 firms....

Indonesia: new developments on labor rights
Human Rights Watch. Asia Watch Com.
Human Rights Watch 1994.

...Focuses on military interference in labor disputes, cases of bonded labor, and harassment of union members....

What do we know about racial discrimination in mortgage markets?
von Cloud, Cathy; Galster, George
In: Review of Black Political Economy, 22 (1993), p. 101-120
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...Based on administrative histories, statistical studies, legal suits, case studies, and mortgage underwriting standards; US; 1989-91....

Tropical forests and trade policy: the legality of unilateral attempts to promote sustainable development under the GATT
von Chase, Brian F
In: Third World Quarterly, 14 (1993), 4, p. 749-774

...Examines extent to which Western nations' efforts to impose restrictions on timber products from developing countries conflict with international rules; focus on 1992 dispute between Austria and ASEAN...

Compensation of occupational illnesses in France
von Mony, Annie Thébaud
In: New Solutions, 4 (1994), p. 57-61

...Why few claims are made and how the French system fails to compensate workers....

A modern form of slavery: trafficking of Burmese women and girls into brothels in Thailand
Human Rights Watch. Asia Watch Com.
Human Rights Watch 1993. map(s)

...Recruitment, extent of the Thai government's role, HIV testing, treatment on return to Burma, international response, and other issues. Published jointly with the Women's Rights Project. Political and...

Selling your community on a citizens' review board
von Braunstein, Susan; Tyre, Mitchell
In: Public Management, 76 (1994), p. 12-14

...Characteristics and operations of an effective law enforcement citizens' review board; US....

Prison conditions in South Africa
Human Rights Watch. Afr. Watch Com.
Human Rights Watch 1994. table(s)

...Physical conditions, different treatment based on race, discrimination among prison staff, disciplinary measures, contacts with the outside, work, and other issues....

Human rights violations in the United States: a report on U.S. compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Human Rights Watch.
Human Rights Watch 1993.

...Identifies nine areas in which the human rights record falls short of international standards. Published jointly with the American Civil Liberties Union. Race and sex discrimination, language and immi...

Faith healing: miracle or mirage?
In: Free Inquiry, 14 (1993), p. 4-18 : il(s)

...Focuses on Morris Cerrulo, an American Evangelist and carpenter Stephen Turoff's healings; 5 articles....

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