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Wissenschaftliche Erkenntnis und politische Verpflichtung, Zum Umgang mit dem Phanomen des demographischen Wandels in Deutschland
von Oel, Hans-Ulrich
In: Zeitschrift fur Bevolkerungswissenschaft, 32 (2007), 1-2, S. 99-122

...Demographic change & its consequences will alter all areas of life. This has been realized for a long time among proponents of the relevant scientific disciplines, & has been the topic of political ad...

Regionale Auswirkungen der demographischen Alterung -- Kleinraumige Analysen am Beispiel der Kreise und kreisfreien Stadte Nordrhein-Westfalens
von Flothmann, E.-Jurgen
In: Zeitschrift fur Bevolkerungswissenschaft, 32 (2007), 1-2, S. 137-160

...At the beginning of the 21st Century, Germany is experiencing intense demographic ageing which is second only to that seen in Japan. The progress of this development differs widely in the individual r...

Sozialprofit und Zuzugsmotive von Neuzuwanderern. Evidenzen aus dem Mikrozensus und der "Neuzuwandererbefragung-Pilotstudie" des BiB
von Diehl, Claudia
In: Zeitschrift fur Bevolkerungswissenschaft, 32 (2007), 1-2, S. 161-182

...The article provides an overview of the socio-demographic characteristics & the immigration motives of foreign immigrants who have only lived in Germany for a few months. First of all, the "new immigr...

Auslander in Sudafrikanischen (Innen-)Stadten
von Jurgens, Ulrich; Bahr, Jurgen
In: Zeitschrift fur Bevolkerungswissenschaft, 32 (2007), 1-2, S. 313-332

...Until the end of apartheid, both internal & external migration were subject to tight restrictions, whereby "desirable" immigration of persons of European origin contrasted with a policy of denaturaliz...

Die Weltbevolkerungsentwicklung nach den Bevolkerungsvorausberechnungen der Vereinten Nationen
von Schulz, Reiner
In: Zeitschrift fur Bevolkerungswissenschaft, 32 (2007), 1-2, S. 333-352

...The United Nations carry out revisions of their World Population Prospects regularly at two-yearly intervals. These differ in their presumptions as to life expectancy & birth rates (the presumptions o...

Getting Power to the People
von Wald, Matthew L.
In: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 63 (2007), 5, p. 26-42

...Considers the competition that nuclear energy is facing from renewable energy forms as the industry seeks to capitalize on the current fixation on climate change, arguing that the success of any of th...

Arab Nuclear Envy
von Salama, Sammy; Weber, Heidi
In: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 63 (2007), 5, p. 44-49

...Discusses the reaction of Arab countries to Iran's nuclear ambitions, which has prompted a regional turn toward nuclear development. It is contended that while many Arab countries believe the West is ...

Nuclear Power Broker
von Sokova, Elena; Chuen, Cristina Hansell
In: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 63 (2007), 5, p. 51-54

...Discusses Russia's efforts to establish itself as a global fuel bank in the form of an international uranium enrichment center in the context of concerns over nuclear proliferation. Adapted from the s...

Desigualdade, pobreza e condicoes de saude e nutricao na infancia no Nordeste brasileiro
von Assis, Ana Marlucia O.; Barreto, Mauricio L.; Santos, Nedja Silva; Magalhaes de Oliveira, Lucivalda Pereira; Chaves dos Santos, Sandra Maria; Conceicao Pinheiro, Sandra Maria
In: Cadernos de Saude Publica, 23 (2007), 10, p. 2337-2350

...This cross-sectional study analyzes the relationship between gradients of social inequalities & the household environment & health & nutritional conditions among 2,001 preschool children in ten counti...

Acesso e uso de servicos de saude em idosos residentes em areas rurais, Brasil, 1998 e 2003
von Travassos, Claudia; Viacava, Francisco
In: Cadernos de Saude Publica, 23 (2007), 10, p. 2490-2502

...We analyzed access to health services & the utilization of such services by elderly rural residents in Brazil in 2003, comparing the patterns to those of the urban elderly & the equivalent rural patte...

War and Terror: The U.S. Counter-Propaganda Failure in Iraq
von Garfield, Andrew
In: Middle East Quarterly, 14 (2007), 4, p. 23-32

...Examines problems with the US-led coalition information operations campaign in Iraq, arguing that it is the weakest element of the coalition strategy. The failure to counter quickly & effectively insu...

War and Terror. Has Hezbollah's Rise Come at Syria's Expense?
von Rabil, Robert G.
In: Middle East Quarterly, 14 (2007), 4, p. 43-51

...The Iranian & Syrian relationship with Hezbollah developed from a combination of ideological, domestic, & regional factors. Both Tehran & Damascus found Hezbollah to be a useful proxy to further regio...

Naser Khader and Flemming Rose: Reflections on the Danish Cartoon Controversy
von [Unknown]
In: Middle East Quarterly, 14 (2007), 4, p. 59-66

...On March 9, 2007, Middle East Quarterly publisher Daniel Pipes interviewed Naser Khader, a prominent Danish parliamentarian, at the parliament building in Copenhagen, and Flemming Rose, who as culture...

A New Form of State: War and Criminal Law
von Paye, Jean-Claude
In: Monthly Review, 59 (2007), 4, p. 1-11

...Argues that the passage of the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA), which incorporated the concept of the illegal enemy combatant into the law, resulted in the legalization of a new legal & politic...

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